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Post-Geography by Afterhours


Not Not Fun

The less we log off, the truer it is: physical space is no place. Life’s a long-form loiter in a portal, till the service is severed. Such was the headspace of MacArthur Park deep web crawler Afterhours when crafting the ten softly glowing proxy improvisations of Post-Geography. Shades of his night-trawler trip-hop and 4 AM house still seep through (“Raw Algebraic,” “Semi-Dusk Edit”) but the bulk of the album is vibrantly grid-scrambled and dissociative, randomly accessed memories Pachinko-plinking through locked skyscraper malls and neon metropolitan infrastructures; in his words, “a Memphis-designed tumor, sexless and wobbling.” The amorphousness of these pieces gives the sides a spastic yet syrupy cohesion, melting-clock beats smeared with plastic synth designs and patchworks of corrupted muzak. Everyone knows everywhere is nowhere.

MC $6.75


NNF 310 

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02/10/2015 642610483738 


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02/10/2015 642610483738 


As much as Los Angeles gleams in the global mind as a gateway to dream fulfillment and televised wealth / fame amalgams, it’s equally a desert of disappointments. Hence the dead-end yoga cults, under-the-bridge tar dealers, valley burnouts, Inland Empire night-stalkers and seas of destitute Eastside lowlifes.  This vibe is central to Afterhours’s languid, nocturnal musical vision, which has evolved from sleekly moody, synthesized sleepwalks to an unusually elegant hybridized trip-hop sub-species. Jammed signals sputter under broken, minor key scales; shuffling, crate-digger drum patterns give way to skeletal house rhythms (“Lovesick”), slow washes of shimmering texture (“Outcome”) and sampled, spectral jazz (“Night and Day”).  Though crafted with electronic means, most of the material on Lowlife centers around acoustic, physical sounds—reverbed piano, dusty snares, crisp percussive accents, soft-focus saxophone. Fragile conjurings of urban ambience, the poetry and pulse of isolation, Staying Up Late To Make Music To Stay Up Late To—the world of Afterhours spins through the dark, en route to dawn.

LP $13.00

02/18/2014 655035028415 

NNF 284 

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02/04/2014 655035028415 


If NYC is the city that never sleeps, then LA’s the one that never wakes. Deep-dawn drives through Los Angeles’s fringier fiber-optic thoroughfares reveal a nocturnal wonderland of ghosts, bums, lurkers, vampires and thugs—every stripe of sleepwalker. Which is an all too apt title for Afterhours’ vinyl debut, arriving after a calendar year of altered-state incubation via their live weekly radio transmission, Field Recordings of the Afterhours, broadcast from KChung’s Chinatown basement headquarters. Inspired equally by Mo’ Wax obscurities, sound poetry, “Moments in Love,” anime depictions of neo-futurist Tokyo and Endtroducing, the EP’s four instrumentals slow-zoom like a surveillance camera through shimmering tunnels, glowing skylines and empty streets, rich with headphone harmonics and the gray romance of isolation. Ain’t it funny how the night moves, when you don’t seem to have as much to lose? Recent recordings have seen Afterhours’ shadow government diversifying into abstracted trip-hop, graphic design, art-world provocations and Café Del Mar-esque house, so their Sleepwalking ethos is clearly going places.

12" $13.00

08/14/2012 655035026114 

NNF 261 

MP3 $3.96

08/14/2012 655035026114