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Infinite Visions of Violence & 2018 Demo by Altar Of Gore

Altar Of Gore

Infinite Visions of Violence & 2018 Demo
Sentient Ruin Laboratories

***Triumphant vinyl compilation of obfuscating bestial death metal savagery. As the title unmistakably hints at, Infinite Visions of Violence & 2018 Demo unites ALTAR OF GORE's skull-crushing 2018 debut demo and the equally putrescent 2022 follow up Infinite Visions of Violence demo into a single vinyl release remastered for the purpose by WILL KILLINGSWORTH at Dead Air Studios. With this release these animalistic tracks find their first ever presentation on the wax format and sublimate into their final form to testify the gruesome majesty and horrific violence of one of America's most barbaric underground death metal acts. Conceived and executed entirely by ACOLYTE OF THE FOUL ONES, Altar of Gore is the latest weapon of death metal carnage to have emerged from the festering and sprawling New Jersey extreme metal underground along with bands like Blasphematory, Death Fortress, Siege Column and Massive Retaliation, among others, all of which have also seen Acolyte serve in their ranks in one form or another at some point.

LP $21.25