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The prolific, Portland-based Randall Taylor is an audio / visual artist best known for his musical project, Amulets.?! Taylor’s work uses analog tape and its imperfections to explore themes like degradation and nostalgia and their relationship to technology and to the self.?! By constructing and modifying tape loops and repurposing antiquated cassette players, Taylor creates dense, never-ending, looping soundscapes for both his live performances and sculptural sound art installations. Taylor’s new album, Blooming, was fully written and recorded in quarantine in his home studio in early 2020.?! His personal life was in upheaval as was the world around him—the isolation, sadness and change had Taylor missing “… what it felt like to feel alive and the need to feel that again,” he says.?!

LP $17.50

04/02/2021 733102718947 

FR 119 

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FR 119 MC 

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04/02/2021 733102718954 

FR 119 

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04/02/2021 733102718954 

FR 119