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***As the delicate strings wistfully arpeggiate throughout the blissful introduc… get the fuck outta here, man. This is Slovenly territory, and this is THE ANOMALYS… NOW AND FOREVER! Crushing boldly into this total wreck of a future and not giving a rat’s ass for politeness, “Glitch” marks the first full-length from our Dutch decapitators with the current and deadly lineup of skinsman Rémi Lucas, Looch Vibrato (from MAGNETIX) on guitar number two lending his legendary fuzz and distortion, and our towering disaster of a leader, Bone on guitar and throat. It's no secret that this trio is one of the most ferocious live bands on planet Earth, and “Glitch,” with its remarkable new superphonic recording technique, captures the chaotic rockabilly-cum-garage punk pummel and twang like never before. Picking up right where they left off with 2019’s “Trooper” EP, The Anomalys resurrect and regurgitate that 7inch’s title cut on this new LP, obliterating the OG and rendering it obsolete (nah, you need ‘em both). “One of these days and it won’t be long, you’re gonna dance to a different song!” A sincere threat from Bone right there on “Bleed for Me,” but “different songs” ain’t necessarily what these beasts be about. We come to The Anomalys for one thing and one thing only: Relentless, ass shaking rock’n’roll. 'Cause that's the way we digs it, beer breath and all.

LP $15.50

04/22/2022 198000524111 


***Amsterdam's shattered punk destroyers return with a four-song 7-inch EP of pure raunch rockin' static to destroy your brain cells faster than a stroll through a Carbona factory! At the helm is the maniacal Bone, a man of towering stature, delivering electric radiation upon his path of destruction. Our team of vigilante harbingers of trash is currently composed of fellow mutants: REMI LUCAS and French maestro-bator LOOCH VIBRATO, notorious for his work in the garage punk outfit MAGNETIX—two worthy men if any to join our reptilian hero BONE on his quest for imminent meltdown. "Trooper" is an absolute ripper that kicks the door in and is clearly a bold statement: THE ANOMALYS are still going strong and in fine form,” while “Fire In the Hole" is an explosive mindfucker set to leave you in a daze. On the flipside, "My Own Way" blasts perfectly in a melodic disharmony, and the EP ends with the ass-clinchingly tight "Anomalyphant.” You're not gonna need to go record shopping anytime soon… just keep flipping this lightning hot slab ‘til your mind melts!

7" $8.50

02/08/2019 192914620952