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The Dawn of Antiseen 1984 - 1986 by Antiseen


The Dawn of Antiseen 1984 - 1986

***Witness the sonic evolution of Antiseen with these tracks, originally released on their mid-80s EPs and now all together for the first time on vinyl. Newly remastered and with previously unreleased photography, this is the "Kings of Destructo-Rock" at their most primal! According to Jeff Clayton's words: "What you have here is a collection of the earliest releases of a band made up mostly of small southern town guys trying to make a name for themselves in the 'big city'. With little help or guidance (with the exception of a few very influential cases) we created what became our sound and our attitude that would stay with us for four decades. Come hear the Dawn Of Antiseen." Edition of 600.

LP $32.25

11/25/2022 8435008875817 

BANG 161 LP 

Live From Quarantine 2 by Antiseen


Live From Quarantine 2

***After nearly a full year of delays... ANTiSEEN returns with their follow-up to 2020's limited Live From Quarantine LP! Live From Quarantine 2: Halloween In Quarantine features the blistering full set from the band's live webcast performance that aired online October 25, 2020. This LP features ANTiSEEN's current line-up bulldozing through a macabre selection of originals and cover songs, spanning the band's nearly 40-year career. All copies include a full-color concert-style brochure, presented in the spirit of your favorite live KISS albums from the 1970s. Edition of 300 copies on candy corn splatter vinyl.

LP $23.50


TKO 21 0006 1 

Live From Quarantine by Antiseen


Live From Quarantine

***Just like the title says, this new album from ANTiSEEN was recorded LIVE last June, in the midst of the nationwide shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Proving that not even a global plague could stop them, ANTiSEEN delivered a thundering set that was broadcast live via webcast to an audience of nearly 15,000 fans. Now TKO brings you the definitive document of ANTiSEEN's June 13, 2020 performance in this limited edition LP and DVD set. Edition of 300 on colored vinyl.

LP+DVD $21.50


TKO 20 0003 1 

Snoopy's Christmas by Antiseen


Snoopy's Christmas

***A X-mas Single of ANTiSEEN covering the Royal Guardsmen classic accompanied by TESCO VEE (the Meatmen), JEFF DAHL (Angry Samoans, Vox Pop, etc) and P.P. Duvay (Murder Junkies). "Snoopy's Christmas" is backed with a new ANTiSEEN original, "Christmas '76." Pressed on one-sided colored with a B-side etching. Limited to 300 copies.

12" $17.75


TKO 19-004-1 

Live In Japan by Antiseen


Live In Japan

***In November of 2018 ANTiSEEN crossed the Pacific Ocean for their first ever appearance in Japan! To mark this monumental event, TKO RECORDS has produced this commemorative live album/tour souvenir package. "Live In Japan" has the works:  -Pressed on 180 gram heavyweight White vinyl. -Full color gatefold jacket and printed inner sleeve loaded with photos and other tour ephemera . -Includes full color 20"x30" reproduction of the Japanese tour poster and vinyl sticker.

LP $21.95


TKO 18 0005 1 

The Dying Breed by Antiseen


The Dying Breed

***Hot on the heels of the band's 35th Anniversary celebration, and just in time for their upcoming Japanese tour TKO Records is proud to bring you this all new 7-song EP of brand new recordings by ANTiSEEN. Guitarist MAD BROTHER WARD explains: "OH CHRIST- ANOTHER covers collection??? YEAH—and this one is for good measure. This is a salute to some of the bands which have inspired or influenced us, from childhood to today. From the famous to the infamous, to the obscure and also-ran... and some which sure as HELL paid their dues without getting them in return. Integrity and ethic aren't just cheap buzzwords when put into practice. These are the last of a dying breed..." Limited pressing of 400 copies on opaque blue vinyl.

12" $14.75


TKO 18 004 1 

Ep Royalty by Antiseen


Ep Royalty

***Volume 10 of the Vault of ANTiSEEN Reissue Series revisits ANTiSEEN's second EP from 1986. We feel this classic record warrants a classic review to provide context. Here's what CREEM magazine had to say at the time of it's original release: "Down the coast a piece we find the redneck-crunge big-beat slime-barrage white-trash spuz of Antiseen, a quartet of longhaired country-boys who mate MC5 tire-kick and Black Oak Arkansas can-kick, and toss a bit of "Gimme Three Steps" and "Great Balls Of Fire" and "Billion Dollar Babies" and "Freddie's Dead" and "Oakie From Muskogee" in there too, on EP Royalty. These kickers call their brew 'destructo-rock,' and it's as catchy as it is violent..."

LP $17.75


TKO 17 0004 1 

Honour Among Thieves by Antiseen


Honour Among Thieves

***A stunning reissue of the 1985 debut album from notorious hate-rock tormentors ANTISEEN. Remastered to bring their songs of hate, drunkeness, debauchery, violence, incest and murder to their full glory. Limited edition colored vinyl pressing. Includes a 24x20 poster.

LP $17.25


TKO 17 0001-1 

The Complete Drastic Sessions by Antiseen


The Complete Drastic Sessions

***BACK IN STOCK!!!  For the ninth volume of the Vault Of ANTiSEEN reissue series, we travel back to the band's very first studio recording from November of 1984. Remastered from the original analog 1/4" reel, The Complete DRASTIC Sessions captures Antiseen crawling out of the primordial ooze and taking the first steps of the trail that they continue to blaze to this day. Included in this release is the entire original Drastic EP, plus an additional seven tracks from the same session, most of which are, prior to the is collection, previously unreleased. This first edition of The Complete DRASTIC Sessions is limited to 500 copies on white vinyl. Packaging includes liner notes from JEFF CLAYTON, previously unpublished band photos and some truly mind-bending cover art by JAMIE VAYDA of Loud Comix.

LP $16.35


TKO 16 0005 

The Southern Hostility Demos by Antiseen


The Southern Hostility Demos

***To kick off the new year, TKO is proud to bring the next volume in the Vault Of AntiSeen series, # 8, The Southern Hostility Demos LP. Witness the sonic evolution of ANTiSEEN with these demo tracks, unearthed for the first time in over 25 years! This is the Kings of Destructo-Rock at their most primal!! Limited to 500 copies on opaque yellow vinyl with poster.

LP $17.25


TKO 16 003 

We're Number One by Antiseen


We're Number One

***Fresh off their 2016 European Tour, ANTiSEEN are back with this 12" 45 rpm EP of all new material! Limited to 500 copies, this release is available on an insane array of random colored vinyl, hand-mixed at the pressing plant by Mr. TKO himself—no two copies are exactly alike. Each 12" includes the Ape City Stomp comic book by Loud Comix artist JAMIE VANDA, as well as a sticker and download card.

12" $26.75



Badwill Ambassador by Antiseen


Badwill Ambassador
Scary Records

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! The Badwill Ambassadors album from the Carolina’s destructo-rock kings of sonic devastation, ANTISEEN. Twelve studio-recorded tracks of balls-out rock blastage, delivered with hate, anger, and more than their share of “fuck-you” attitude. Imported from Germany.

LP $12.00


SR 023