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Friends & Lovers by Arc Iris

Arc Iris

Friends & Lovers
Ba Da Bing!

Coming off tour dates for their 2018 release, Icon of Ego, Arc Iris present a good-natured sampling of what Summer exactly means to them.?! Like many, the band approach it as a time for the lovably familiar.?! Friends and Lovers takes some well-trodden classics and displays them like never before.?! These cubist reimaginings of songs by Led Zeppelin, Leonard Cohen and Elton "Rocketman" John will both comfort your sense of familiarity while simultaneously plunging you down the rabbit hole.?! While Foggy Lullaby, their tribute to Joni Mitchell's Blue, worshipped at the feet of the songwriter, these tracks embrace the spontaneity of fun that is like putting on a familiar outfit as a Halloween costume.?! Always one conceptual step ahead, the band offers an original song on Friends and Lovers as well, a track conceived to live amongst these familiar songs cast askew, pulled from existence to act like it's just another track we'd find playing on the radio between the legends.?!

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06/28/2019 600197015223 


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This fall, Arc Iris releases Icon Of Ego, its third groundbreaking album, as a trio that packs the heft of a far bigger band with fully realized sonic and visual intensity.?! On this latest album, vocalist / guitarist Jocie Adams, keyboardist / sample artist Zach Tenorio-Miller and drummer Ray Belli have crafted a vividly expressionistic new album that reflects both the group’s protean talents as well as its journey of survival. After its self-named 2014 debut on the ANTI- label, Arc Iris achieved critical acclaim, along with tours with St.?! Vincent and Jeff Tweedy and festivals like Bonnaroo followed.?! Within two years, the band self-released Moon Saloon in the US while British independent record label Bella Union released the album in Europe.?!

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10/12/2018 600197014417 

BING 144 LP 

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BING 144 CD 

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BING 144 

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BING 144