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Somewhere There by Arc


Somewhere There
Beta-lactam Ring

***There is a tribal element to ARC’s two long suites that feel somewhat like being stoned in Cologne in 1971. The trio of AIDAN BAKER (NADJA), CHRISTOPHER KUKIEL, and RICHARD BAKER return to the quiet with hushed tribal timbres, however, these ambiences are riveting in a way that that other ambiences are not, probably because the group does not think with an ambient attitude. This is the sound of mining midnight. In a universe where experimentalism is often just a nice way of saying "boring," hearing seasoned musicians actually craft something interesting sans computers is like having an orgasm. There really is no compare, except for maybe sneezing, which is Merzbow's department. One time vinyl edition of 400 copies packaged in custom made book bound sleeves and 180-gram vinyl.

LP $20.65

06/26/2012 753907161311 

MT 250