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From A Window To A Wall by Babayof, Noa

Babayof, Noa

From A Window To A Wall
Language Of Stone

***Much is made about the lack of originality in music. “Everything has been done, and done to death” people decry. This is a very modern attitude, and perhaps more than a bit flawed. Music has always been a continuum. Styles and traditions are passed from one generation to the next to be cherished, replicated, altered or reinvented. Just as one individual looks to another for identity and support, so one song looks to the last for meaning; a place in the grand structure. NOA BABAYOF does what many before her have done. She is a folk musician in the singer-songwriter tradition. She pays homage here, stretches boundaries there, and most often plays within the structures formed by the greats that preceded her. This in itself is not an easy task. Very few have what it takes to make it on a stage where what separates the weak from the strong is neither record sales nor charisma, but the greatness of the songs.

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LOS 008 CD 

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