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Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Originally released on vinyl in 2010, Onrushing Cloud is the first recording by the trio of ANDREA BELFI (drums, percussion, electronics), DAVID GRUBBS (electric guitar, piano, voice), and STEFANO PILIA (electric guitar). Prior to meeting, all three had released recordings on the excellent Swedish label Häpna, and were already fans of one another’s work. In the spring of 2009, Belfi and Pilia were invited by the Harlem Studio Fellowship for a residence in New York, and the three took this opportunity to get down to the brass tacks of forming a power trio. Onrushing Cloud is characterized by the eccentric, fleeting symmetries of Grubbs’s and Pilia’s guitar playing simultaneously mediated, punctuated, and over and underscored by Belfi’s hybrid assemblage and deeply personal vocabulary of electronics and percussion. Although ultimately divided into five songs, this is clearly a single start-to-finish skein. “Hermitage” records the preliminary gestures of these musicians’ first encounter, and the album steadily builds towards the appearance of Grubbs’s vocals on “Onrushing Cloud,” a tale of being stranded atop a mountain and facing a rapidly approaching storm. (STREET DATE - 5/20/2014)

LP $15.00

10/19/2010 781484702115 

BC 21 

CD $9.85

05/20/2014 781484702122 

BC 21 CD 

***Dust & Mirrors is the second full-length album by the trio of ANDREA BELFI (drums, percussion, electronics), DAVID GRUBBS (electric guitar, piano, voice), and STEFANO PILIA (electric guitar). It follows 2010’s Onrushing Cloud LP, which quickly sold out. If Onrushing Cloud represents a single stylistic arc in which these three first found commonality and shared musical means, Dust & Mirrors sees the trio confidently taking stabs in a number of opposed directions. It dramatically widens the terrain in the group operates. What changed? The difference comes with four years of semi-regular live shows, which have turned Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia from a studio-bound hibernation unit to an extroverted rock (or what’s left of it, or what’s beyond it) trio. Between albums, the three musicians worked together on David Grubbs’s 2013 album The Plain Where the Palace Stood, and took part in Grubbs’s and visual artist Angela Bulloch’s performance piece The Wired Salutation, which spins out variations on “Charm Offensive”—the fourteen-minute opening gambit on Dust & Mirrors. (The Wired Salutation features unnerving 3-D avatars of Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia and Bulloch, has been presented at the theater at the Pompidou Center and Berlin’s Tanz im August festival, and will hopefully be coming to a well-equipped theater near you before you know it.). From the epic, multi-part sprawl of “Charm Offensive” to Stefano Pilia’s distantly Robbie Basho-esque “The Distance, Cut,” and from the mechanized riffing of “The Headlock” to the wild improvisation “Ambassador Extraordinaire,” Dust & Mirrors sees this group...

LP $19.75

02/18/2014 781484702511 


CD $13.75

02/18/2014 71484702528 

BC 25 CD