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Ab Ra Ca Deb Ra by Big Debbie

Big Debbie

Ab Ra Ca Deb Ra

***AB-RA-CA-DEB-RA— the sophomore album by BIG DEBBIE brings to mind religious pagan celebrations as much as the 1980's industrial, goethe clubs, with subtle nods to Chris & Cosey, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, and so much more it’s own sound. Big, sexy noise you can move to! AB RA CA DEB RA saw a cassette release on Ratskin in early 2015 and sold out within a month of it’s release and has been re edited and remastered for LP. “Mouth Wide Open” starts the album with seething distortion and skullcracking drums—it’s a post-asteroid-impact Mad Max wasteland child of Flipper, Chrome and Suicide. (And this, notes Debbie, is one of the “upbeat” tracks.) “Mouth Wide Open” was recorded live to cassette 4-track, says Debbie, and the song also features Portland’s similarly uncompromising TERROR APART, who’s here to help really push this song into the red.

LP $19.95


RAT 075