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Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow by Bill Fay Group

Bill Fay Group

Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow
Durtro / Jnana

***With the renewed interest in Bill Fay's past work, the reissue of his first two albums, Bill Fay and Time Of The Last Persecution, and recently made-available pre-Decca demos (From The Bottom Of An Old Grandfather Clock), it's surprising to discover that twenty new songs have remained unreleased for over two decades.  Fay has been portrayed as a mysterious figure who somehow created two brilliant albums and then vanished. But as Fay himself has said, "It wasn't me who left the music, it was the music business that left me." With no contract or record company support, he continued to write, rehearse and play occasional shows, which is how he met, in 1977, guitarist Gary Smith, electric and bowed bass-player, Rauf Galip, and drummer Bill Stratton, also known as improvising trio The Acme Quartet. A mutual interest in and respect for each other's work led to the decision to collaborate as The Bill Fay Group. Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow continues Fay's tradition of writing thoughtful, life-affirming songs that, this time, benefit from extended studio sessions and input from three equally committed musicians. This CD does not consist of demos, out-takes or "alternative" versions of previously recorded songs. It was planned and recorded as Fay's follow- up to Time Of The Last Persecution. It is The Bill Fay Group's third, previously unreleased, album, recorded between 1978 and 1981.

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