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***A long era of dull ringing and nothing else in our ears is over.?! Once again, winds of warm guitar and humid thunderheads of bass and toms rumble all around.?! With Valdez, Birds of Maya are back in flight.?! And like the first song title explicitly states, this latest is a soaring blast of riffers, rife with punk rock abandon, sludge, treble, distortion, neck-throttling rock n roll solos, pummeling drums and bass and half-shouted/half-gargled vocals, all of it half on and half off the mic.?! For the good times as always, these Birds! That’s how they’ve done it: fast and heavy, hard, live and loose, amid accumulating piles of empties, in appropriately informal environments since 2004-ish, with their three LPs (on Holy Mountain, Richie and Little Big Chief) ripping us up whenever they drop.?! With each release, our thirst has increased, but to our horror, we haven’t found any fresh feathers from their tree in the new release bins since 2013.?!

LP $21.75

06/25/2021 781484083511 

DC 835 

***Shred, dread, sweat, spit and busted bottles from the city of brotherly scuz.?! “There’s so much snarl all over this thing,” marvels Buffet of Loathsome, “I’m surprised the mic ain’t slumped in the corner, nursing an ulcer….?! [Insufficient] pronouncements like ‘Free or The Groundhogs as seen in the busted-mirror mosaic of Japanese underground psych’ [bust] a lil balloon of acid anxiety … in yer gut.” Edition of 350..?!

LP $15.50


LBCR 008 

For the past few years, dropouts all over the world have been nodding out to the amped-up riffing of Purling Hiss and the economical chug-a-lug zen of Spacin’.?! But only the most committed seekers have been privy to the roaring big bang that started it all: Birds of Maya, the finest meat ’n’ potatoes neanderthal hard rock group operating in the world today.?! At the strike of the first note, their locked-in dynamo gets real, real gone.?! It must be seen to be believed—though since the Birds rarely (very, very rarely) perform outside of their North Philadelphia neighborhood, Ready to Howl will have to suffice. Ready to Howl is the soundtrack to an upcoming feature-length film of the same name about one dude’s struggles inside (and outside) of polite society.?!

CD $13.00

09/18/2012 5060174954184 

AGIT 016 

MP3 $9.90

09/18/2012 5060174954184 


***The third vinyl release from Phila's BIRDS OF MAYA and it's a scorching outlaw anthem titled “Regulation.” This one finds the rock-solid KiLLINGER / LEAPHART / POLIZZE unit joined by HARMONICA DAN, a veteran of institutions such as BOOGIE WITCH, THE MEGA-JAM BOOZE BAND, and the Philadelphia Record Exchange.?! Tour Merch release..?!

7" $5.60


RR / TT 26 

***Here it is.?! It's the most ambitious TestosterTunes release to date: a 3-song, double-LP by the three men of Philadelphia's BIRDS OF MAYA.?! It's called Ready To Howl and it's the soundtrack to an upcoming feature length film of the same name.?! Formed in 2002, Birds of Maya is the finest meat n potatoes neanderthal rock group operating today, and they're undoubtedly the outfit most committed to creating throbbing, thoroughly relentless, blues-based hard rock.?! Astute listeners will note nods to the fried power-rock of Split-era Groundhogs or the relentless garage mayhem of High Rise recorded under claustrophobic sub-Funhouse decadence.?! Anyone with ears will hear fried-Hendrixisms all over this thing.  Ready To Howl, the film, deals with one dude's struggles in- and outside of polite society.?! According to the producer, "the order of events is something like...?!

LP $19.35


RR / TT 25 

It's been said that "Volume One" is possibly the best rock release to come out of Philadelphia ever.?! While low on recording budget, attitude and pretension, Birds of Maya is high on stolen riffs and an energetic execution seldom seen outside of a Sunday ruling by Seamus McCaffery.?! Whether they are mangling riffs or stepping way out for  fried boogie solos Birds of Maya oozes a dark chunky sludge with elements from all the colors of the classic rock rainbow.?! Do they really sound like "a GG Allin demo played through a megaphone?" It's a fair description and it's certainly colorful, but it leaves out an  awful lot.?! They are loud and they are chaotic, but they have way more groove than GG Allin could have ever imagined.  "Birds of Maya did what countless garage rock geeks try and fail at: dust off 1968 and bring it back to life without making it look like museum piece.?!

LP $13.00


HOLY12288 LP