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Electric Brick Wall by Black Bananas

Black Bananas

Electric Brick Wall
Drag City

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.7 rating from Pitchfork. BLACK BANANAS is JENNIFER HERREMA, NADAV EISENMAN, BRIAN MCKINLEY, and KURT MIDNESS. They work with their machines to play rock that’s progressive, experimenting and never less than super-exciting, fuckingly awesome amazing. They do it becuz it’s fun and it sounds rad. With eyes and ears out for the phases and strains of rock past and present, Black Bananas are on the lookout for a sound that mainly exists in their mind, an idea of sound to wrap around the tunes, a cattle-prod sneaking around the backside of your aural cortex. To jolt you into magical thinking. And to make you jump, and make your hair stand up. Yeah, Black Bananas’ production pays forward the psychotropic effect with ultimate line blur, but Electric Brick Wall is solidly composed of time-tested elements—the beat, the groove, licks, builds and bridges, fused together for projection as a new musical shred-spress to the stars. (STREET DATE - 6/24/2014)

LP $18.95

06/24/2014 781484058113 

DC 581 

CD $13.75

06/24/2014 781484058120 

DC 581 CD 

MC $10.50



Physical Emotions by Black Bananas

Black Bananas

Physical Emotions
Drag City

***A teaser single to the forthcoming album from BLACK BANANAS. On the A-side, the roiling of downtown terror and multi-channel frequency overspill that flows freely through Black Bananas’ sound has been combed up into a glamour ’do, ready to groove through a night on the town. Waves of the late light beam across the water, cool in the evening as we head out to tha club, where the guitars are MIDI, the synths bump ’n’ grind the beat and arc melodies high above the crowd’s head, and the gasping of the clubbers is always on the one. JENNIFER’s sweet delivery is an ode to the stone soul joy of being out on the tiles. This track’s a blast from an alternate dimension of weirdness, perfectly nailed from top to bottom. The B-side reworks the glare of recent glory. With four on the floor like they just don’t care no more, HOT CHIP outline the physical motions of Rad Times Xpress IV’s “TV Trouble,” with a hot remix. (STREET DATE - 4/22/2014)

7" $6.00


DC 572