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Black Heart Procession, The

Hailing from the sun-drenched shores of San Diego, California, The Black Heart Procession has sought to bring their unique dream of winter to life for nearly two decades. Over the course of six full length albums and numerous ancillary offerings, they have captured the essence of heartbreak, the tragedy of discord and the exultation of redemption. Through it all, a mysterious figure, known only as The Waiter, has made intermittent yet poignant appearances—his is a world of cold, sorrow and loss, experienced through his ceaseless turning of memory and dream.  Chronicled here in one volume are his exhaustive laments: eight chapters spanning those six albums and numerous releases, including two rare and one previously unreleased title. Listen and wait, unburden the heart and soul and dream, dream, dream, my lonely one….

LP $22.00

11/17/2017 655035712512 

ROBO 125