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***The Black Jaspers are King Khan (King Khan & BBQ, Shrines, etc.) and Jasper Hood (Moorat Fingers) getting together for an exercise in lowest common denominator, lowest fidelity punk stupidity imaginable. The Black Jaspers have been playing on and off since 2000 but are only just now getting around to releasing some of their recordings. This debut album was recorded in 2001 and has sat in King Khan's vaults aging like a fine wine ever since. Not until now has the King decided to unleash this record on the public. Twelve tracks of retardation inspired by the likes of the Angry Samoans, Electric Eels, Mentally Ill, and any of the dumbest Killed By Death tracks you care to name. A great record for when you just feel like breaking shit.

LP $12.00


ITR 185 

MP3 $9.90

11/24/2009 759718518511