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***BACK IN STOCK!!! Recorded by the band in their own Akron, OH studio THE BLACK KEYS epitomize DIY. Chulahoma is a collection of songs that were originally written by the late Junior Kimbrough. Reworked and recorded, The Keys capture the very essence of Junior’s style better than any other musician today. Roomy and sparse in production the drums/guitar duo fill out every inch of these songs with distorted guitar, drums, and Dan's soulful vocals.

LP $26.95


FP 1032 LP  

CD $11.00

05/22/2006 767981103228 


PICLP $22.50

11/29/2011 767981103235 


Rubber Factory by Black Keys

Black Keys

Rubber Factory
Fat Possum

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The second Fat Possum album from Akron, Ohio guitar-and-drum, delta blues-infused duo the BLACK KEYS. Thirteen tracks of gritty, soul-fired, blues-rock magic, kicked with primal rhythms, hot licks, and a lovesick attitude.

LP $26.95

09/14/2004 045778037919 


CD $14.25

09/14/2004 045778037926 


Thickfreakness by Black Keys

Black Keys

Fat Possum

***The sophomore album from Akron, Ohio duo BLACK KEYS—DAN AUERBACH and PATRICK CARNEY. Eleven tracks of stripped and meaty blues, punk, and rock flavors, delivered in grit, stomp, and holler fashion with guitar, organ, vocals and some broke-dick drums. Includes cover versions of The Sonics' "Have Love, Will Travel," and Junior Kimbrough's "Everywhere I Go." New 20th anniversary colored vinyl version on red and white splatter vinyl.

LP $26.95

04/15/2003 045778037117 


CD $14.25

07/27/2004 045778037124 


LP COLOR $32.25

04/21/2023 045778037100 

FP 80371 X