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U.K. shadow-duo Blackhoods espouse a blunt, stripped strain of long-form echo-heavy battered amplifier worship: no names, no cities, no drummers, no mixers, no stages. They play on the floor, heads down, horns locked, guitar and bass and drum machine fed through heavy FX and blasted out a squadron of ratty cabinets. Sunk perfectly encapsulates their agenda and potential, a half-hour underwater hypno-slowdive of mossy guitar sludge, dub metronomes, downer low-end loops, and processional headbang, intercut with two textured electric north sea voids. A cool controlled burn of undertow riffing and grooved bunker percussion mechanics, right up our alley. Totemic sculpture/shroud J-card art by the band; individually stamped and hand-numbered. Edition of 90.

MC $6.75


NNF 288 

MP3 $4.95

01/14/2014 655035022840 


FLAC $5.99

01/14/2014 655035022840