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I Got A Baaad Feeling - Complete Recordings by Blacktop


I Got A Baaad Feeling - Complete Recordings
In The Red

***Blacktop was the first in a series of post-Gories bands led by Mick Collins. In the summer of 1994 he traveled south to Denton, Texas, to collaborate with Darin Lin Wood, Alex Cuervo and Janet Walker and create the band that would be dubbed Blacktop. They wanted a heavier sound than the Gories or Darin’s band Fireworks (both bass-less), so they added a bass and plenty of bottom in the production. The result is a mutant cross between The Gories’ raw R’n’B skronk and the Birthday Party’s overwrought squeal. The record was received warmly by fans and the press alike when it was first released, and tours soon followed. This is about the time everything started to go horribly wrong. Problems with chemistry and chemicals soon ravaged the band and they imploded on the eve of their debut European tour. I’ve Got A Baaad Feeling About This – The Complete Recordings collects everything done by the band during their brief existence onto one CD — their entire album, single sides and tracks found only on the Australian issue of their album. Both the artwork and the mastering have been given serious overhauls to make this an essential purchase for any Detroit garage aficionado.

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