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The follow-up to their acclaimed Pheromone, Summon takes the nightmare Bloody Panda first explored on their split LP with experimentalists Kayo Dot even further into the depths. The album is a disturbing, cinematic vision of terror and frightening depravity that lurks within the dark chambers of doom metal horror.  Front-woman Yoshiko Ohara lifts Bloody Panda to a chilling new plateau with her death-defying wails, a cross between the lamenting and the operatic. Her rapturous vocal delivery is underpinned by the monolithic, dirge-like rhythm section that gives this beast its foundation. Ohara, an accomplished visual artist, is also responsible for the artwork that graces the cover. Summon comes as a dual-disc set that includes a DVD with an abstract visual interpretation of the 20-plus minute track "Miserere." Filmed in Brooklyn, New York, and Jaliluhur Dam, Indonesia, this dark and mysterious visual companion features renowned Butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki.

CD+DVD $13.00

08/11/2009 880270289127 

PFL 048 

MP3 $9.90

08/11/2009 880270289127