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***BOBSLEIGH BABY began in the east Rome scene as a drum/guitar duo playing what they called “superfluous and idiotic rock’n’roll,” which is to say stripped-down, to the point, excellent tunes: ‘60s garage and girl group filtered through punk minimalism. They have since grown to a four piece of French and Italian folks, adding organ and bass, as well as a more pronounced urgency to the songs on their new Improved LP. The drums have become more forceful while remaining economical. The ever-fuzzed, velcro bass pushes the songs, filling out the low end sonics. The guitar plays like a spaghetti western, thin and reverberated and melodic, while male and female vocals push a sing-song taunt through the organ’s mysterian buzz. This one is catchy.

LP $15.50

03/18/2014 700175769572 


MP3 $8.91

03/18/2014 700175769572 


FLAC $9.90

03/18/2014 700175769572