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Chocolate Synthesizer by Boredoms


Chocolate Synthesizer
Very Friendly

***The third in Very Friendly's new series of BOREDOMS reissues gets you the band's stunning second major label-released album, the group's fourth album overall. A raw yet somehow sophisticated blend of speedcore, punk, dub, psychedelia, biker rock, kodo, gross-out weirdness, and more, recorded with what sounds like an unending curiosity as to "what that button does" in the studio—though the band never sound remotely self-conscious, nor do they get bogged down by the grim worthiness which plagues post-rock these days.

CD $14.00

05/25/2004 823566021420 

VF 007 CD 

Vision Creation Newsun by Boredoms


Vision Creation Newsun

***Spazmo-transonic rhythm: first came the idea, then came the action and then it got hot. Like the birth of the atomic age -- and, what the hell, its deeply troubled adolescence -- a first-time BOREDOMS experience stuns with sheer brilliance. It's an event after the occurrence of which there is no going back. By turns manic and explosive, brooding and quiet, whimsical and awkward, the Boredoms rock harder, wilder, and cooler than the most chest-puffing metalheads and cock-o'-the-walk rappers. And even when their self-invented "Bore-language" hits a peak in barbarous density, naive and spastic introspection usurps all expectations. If ever there is one band that can transform shorted circuitry into a sublime maelstrom, it's this Osaka goon show. Vision Creation Newsun follows the groovitude of the much-loved Super Are with additional funkiness and space-time continuosity. It is funk, it is trance, it is drum'n'bass, and it is waaaaay psychedelic. The Boredoms' pirouettes into new musical highs with each subsequent release have consistently impressed the world's rich supply of joyless humbugs, won over the clinically indifferent, and amazed the unamazeable. They've been doing it for years, the same reliable line-up that has always created music for all 'noids to rejoice to -- vocalist YAMANTAKA EYE leading a celebratory loin-cloth journey to the heart of the sun; guitarist YAMAMOTO SEIICHI surfing grooves effortlessly with the silkiest pickin' since Ry Cooder discovered Sangria; YOSHIMI P-WEE adding her graceful-as-the-kitchen-sink drumming style while keeping it with the corps; plus a new starship trooper who just...

CD $12.00

02/06/2001 607287002828 

bmr 028CD