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Live At The Decomissioned Power Plant In Florli, Norway by Brokaw, Chris

Brokaw, Chris

Live At The Decomissioned Power Plant In Florli, Norway

***"In 2022 they invited me to participate in a small festival in Florli, about an hour from Stavangar. It's only accessible by ferry and there's not much there. Year round population is about ten people, and it's most famous for its 4444-step wooden staircase up the side of a mountain, big hiker attraction. The 'festival' turned out to be more like an artists' retreat, combined with the wedding of Iver and Marit. My involvement was kinda last minute but I was very happy to be there. I met some great artists, experienced some cool and unusual performances; and played 2 solo sets, one electric in this giant decommissioned power plant, and one acoustic in the living room of a cabin. Both were thrilling for me; my new friend Jim Dawson recorded the electric one. This tape is that whole performance. As 'post covid rejuvenation get togethers' go this one was pretty great; the tape a good memento to an inspiring weekend."—CB, Cambridge 2023. Edition of 150 copies.

MC $14.50


12XU 140-2 

***"CHRIS BROKAW is the consummate underground rock musician. In a career spanning thirty-plus years he has been in countless bands (COME, CHARNEL GROUND, CODEINE, and THE LEMONHEADS to name a few) has been a sideman with everyone from Thurston Moore to GG Allin, pounded countless stages on nonstop tours, and played on over seventy recordings. Puritan is his tenth solo album and it's a killer. From the hypnotic repetition on the extended instrumental outro of title-track opener 'Puritan', the wounded grace of 'Depending,' to the fragile beauty of the Velvets-esque duet with Claudia Groom, 'I'm the Only One for You,' and the ghost of Alex Chilton echoing through 'The Bragging Rights,' onto the GBV-like firestorm of 'Periscope Kids,' and ending with the On The Beach-era Neil Young minimal strum of his cover of Karl Hendricks’ 'The Night Has No Eyes,' Brokaw has crafted an understated masterpiece. Puritan is an album that is all heartache and rebirth, resignation and joy, the kind of record that is so needed but all too rare these days. A classic from front to back."—Mark Lanegan 2020

LP $17.75


12XU 122-1 

***First time LP pressing of Canaris, previously available only as a self-released CD from CHRIS BROKAW (COME, CODEINE, THE NEW YEAR). Six songs of solo acoustic guitar, at times augmented by controlled feedback, including a cover of VLAD TEPES' "Drink The Poetry Of Celtic Disciple." Remastered for vinyl at The Chicago Mastering Service. Exclusive liner notes from WLAD DRAKKSTEIN (aka Vlad Tepes) and STEVE LOWENTHAL (Black Editions, VDSQ, Swingset magazine). Features new cover art by BILL WEHMAN.

LP $17.50


OMR 4 

Gambler’s Ecstasy by Brokaw, Chris

Brokaw, Chris

Gambler’s Ecstasy

***Maybe you know CHRIS BROKAW thru his work as a founding member of COME or CODEINE. Maybe you're more familiar with his role accompanying the likes of Steve Wynn, Thurston Moore, Rhys Chatham, Jennifer O'Connor, Evan Dando or Christina Rosenvinge. Maybe I've lost you on that stuff and you best know Chris for his skills as a composer for some of your favorite independent films, or perhaps for the tenures in The New Year, Martha's Vineyard Ferries, Empty House Collective and Consonant. Oberlin, OH's Pay The Man? Chicago's Pullman? Germany's Dirtmusic? The cup of coffee with New Hampshire poet GG Allin? Feel free to stop me anytime. It should go without saying we feel Brokaw's skills as a singer-songwriter and wildly inventive guitarist are unmatched. Otherwise, we'd find the guy who matched them and see if he could churn out albums this great a bit faster (Gambler's Ecstasy is Chris' first rock song solo album since '05's Incredible Love). On tour this fall with Mono. (STREET DATE - 10/02/2012)

LP $14.75


12XU 041 

CD $12.25


12XU 041 

***The second installment in VDSQ’s (Vin Du Select Qualitite) Solo Acoustic guitar series curated by STEVE LOWENTHAL of Swingset Magazine. In these 12-string arrangements from a true master of the instrument, Brokaw shows a range from waltzes and ballads to experiments and rhythms. Member of Codeine, The New Year, Come, Thurston Moore and the New Wave Bandits and many more ensembles.

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MP3 $9.90

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