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A World In Song by Cages


A World In Song
Iron Lung

***CAGES played last year after singer NOLA RANALLO's suicide, clinical death, coma, and arduous but positively life changing recovery. They wrote a 2 hour piece titled "A World In Song" just for that performance and made a very positive and healing event out of it in an effort to raise awareness about domestic abuse and the availability of crisis services. It was immense. 30+ performers in a beautiful cathedral venue in the heart of Buffalo, a meal, music, mental health and trauma speakers, information table, an ANDREW M. MCKENZIE quadraphonic sound installation, a massive textile installation and special wardrobe by GABRIELLE DUGGAN, live recording and best of all, totally free to the public. All made possible by generous support from participants, friends and the good citizens of Buffalo. A beautiful coalescence in support of a worthy cause. The feeling in the room was otherworldly, alive... and rather warm. Edition of 300 copies.

LP $26.50

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07/31/2020 767870663093 

LUNGS 162 

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