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Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold by Cankun


Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold
Not Not Fun

Vincent Caylet’s state of mind as Cankun has always been sunburnt and woozy but, despite its title, Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold is his first to stray intriguingly into the shade. “I wanted to explore the melancholic aspect of my music, the wild side.” This motive comes through in longer, looser sections, more lurking melodies, and moments of heavier mood, communed through his ongoing language of snake-charmer guitar, heatstroked keyboards, and tribal dub electronics. As always his songs divide and diverge in unexpected moments, collaged from scattered burnzones of improvisation, where endings and beginnings become reversible. Among current French psychedelicists, Cankun’s home-rigged solar panels cast weird reflections, a warped, patient radiance. Long may it gleam. Mastered by Alex Nagle. Artwork by Valerian Marguery. Vinyl version on Hands In The Dark. NNF cassette/digital edition includes a different track sequence, as well a bonus song, “Trezz.”

MC $6.75

05/05/2015 642610483929 

NNF 309 

MP3 $5.99

05/05/2015 642610483929 


FLAC $6.99

05/05/2015 642610483929 


Isalo Waterfall by Cankun


Isalo Waterfall
Not Not Fun

***St Flour de Mercoire’s patron saint of sunburned guitar and electric mirages issues forth this new homage to an exquisite natural wonder in Southwestern Madagascar which Monsieur CANKUN had the pleasure and privilege of witnessing first hand on a personal quest years prior. The strategies employed on last year’s debut, Jaguar Dance, are in even finer form here, fusing solar flares, feathery fields of guitar blur, and skeletal groove metronomes into multi-movement trance states of sunset skyway-psych. Moods crossfade between muted, spiraling, inner space loop-cruises (“Collages,” “Stylo”) and more revved up celebratory waverunners (“Blue Vanilla”, “Jugular Rhythms”) but all share his uniquely fried tonalism and magic touch. Welcome to the waterworld of the Waterfall. Pro-dubbed metallic gold tapes with ecstasy collage artwork by VALERIAN MARGUERY. Edition of 150.

MC $6.00


NNF 252 CS 

MP3 $4.99

05/15/2012 655035025247 

NNF 252 

Jaguar Dance by Cankun


Jaguar Dance
Not Not Fun

"Aztec-inspired electro-psyche from the Not Not Fun temple. Not a lot of info to go with these guys but lots of swirling acid synthlines, cascading strings and repetitious whirligig looping, kinda like High Wolf meets Ducktails on his first acid tab at a Mayan enthusiasts convention. Right now we're really into the plangent distortion and rusty rhythmic swing of 'Congo Mobile Disco', the spiritualist psyche-hopper 'Lichens Beat', or the kosmiche safari groover 'O Mountains O' but we reckon if you catch the wave with this one you'll get a fine buzz from any of them." --Boomkat

MP3 $8.91

05/10/2011 655035823249 

NNF 232