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Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Kandodo 3 / Carlton Melton by Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Carlton Melton / Kandodo 3

Kandodo 3 / Carlton Melton
Creepy Crawl

***CARLTON MELTON lead the charge with three new tracks, recorded at the Dome with BRIAN MACDOUGALL taping it down and JOHN MCBAIN mastering it for vinyl perfection. This is the Melton soaring into the stratosphere with their own toke on spaced travel via olfactory motion. Many would simply say "psych", we say "SPACE" and "NO frontiers!", fly on brothers. KANDODO 3 is the new "nom de plume" for SIMON PRICE’s (THE HEADS) Kandodo project, having roped in fellow Heads' WAYNE MASKELL (drum patterns and rhythm driving) and HUGO MORGAN (bass throb and guidance) to record under the name Kandodo 3. They take up their whole side with one looping soundscape that jitters and skitters into and around patterns of dub and space, this exhilarating take on an already pre-determined trajectory is as awesome in its scope as it is in its journey, catch a ride! Mastered by SHAWN JOSEPH (Optimum). Simon Kandodo Price artwork. 500 copies only.

LP $17.50


CC 001