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Psychic Psummer by Cave


Psychic Psummer
Drag City

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! Welcome to the season of the Psychic Psummer—the 2009 full length studio album from Chicago's CAVE. Major momentum expertly crafted and embracing maximum minimalism, repetion, Can cloud-bounce & full on heavy chant. Like driving a train full speed off a cliff only to discover that the train can fly and you'll live forever if you stay inside.

LP $20.50


DC 746 

***Tremors rhythmically shaking your place—the air’s gone electric! You’ve seen this kind of weather before… you weren’t expecting it today. This is the beginning of Allways. CAVE are kind of beyond time, though. You might feel like it’s been awhile since you’ve seen or heard them, but when you see or hear them again, that moment will feel like Allways. During the making of the last album, Threace, Cave was in the process of becoming a quintet. They toured the world afterwards, playing on four continents and eighteen countries—as close to everywhere as they could get. Then they took a minute. They recorded it over time, in Chile and then Chicago. You can hear all of this, the energy of liveness, the reps, and consolidating expanded possibilities within their new alignment, the time away, the distance, and the freshness of returning to recorded sounds, everywhere on All ways. Cave digs driving down into a pulse and staying there for as much of FOREVER as they can. In the past, much has been made of Cave's use of particular compelling tropes, but man, their inspiration comes from everywhere—Miles, psych, beats, exotica, library music, rock, punk, the Germans, the New York guys too, minimalists, the Dead, music from India, everywhere! This is a bunch of guys playing rock-based music in a way that pushes them forward from everything they’ve experienced. When we listen to the new Cave, we’re hearing guitars, lots of ’em, bubbling under, scratching, fanning, locking in and taking off,...

LP $19.50

10/19/2018 781484065418 

DC 654 

CD $13.75

10/19/2018 781484065425 

DC 654 CD 

MC $10.50

10/19/2018 781484065449 


Release - Singles 2007 - 2013 by Cave


Release - Singles 2007 - 2013
Drag City

***Release compiles jams from the sweltering heart of CAVE that didn’t make it onto their three LPs and three EPs. Anyone who’s heard their albums can attest that CAVE have a fresh, yet well-seasoned ear for long-play records, and each one shows their ever-revolving palette. Being in CAVE is also about fun though, and they’ve also indulged themselves now and again with stand-alone songs and short-play records on Trensmat, Static Caravan, Giradiscos and Permanent, as well as some self-released cassette freakouts. Like the best singles, CAVE’s sides here have singular qualities that songs on albums can’t, as they unwind themselves over 30 or more minutes in time. A couple of the Release tracks rock more extreme too, which the CAVE-head will find in awesome contrast to the refined production of Neverendless and Threace. Since the beginning, when they recorded on cassette and released on CD-R, CAVE’s been all about formats, interacting with them as the they captured their sound, the weirder the better. Release contains mostly 4-track stuff, plus some 8-track stuff. A bunch of the masters had to be transferred from VHS, which CAVE liked for mixdowns in the early days of the late aughts. Cool! Man, VHS masters sound GREAT! P.S., the “harshmellow mix” of “Butthash,” is NOT the same version as on the Permanent split 10" with the California Raisins, FYI. In fact, there’s still a few sides that haven’t been compiled yet, so look out for another Release in the future. (STREET DATE - 10/21/2014)

LP $19.50

10/21/2014 781484061014 


***The third in a string of awesome full-length adventures from Chicago’s CAVE is Threace—an album that appeals on all levels: animal, abstract and alien, and all at once; one multi-colored-circa-2013 grab-bang. Threace is a real “back to the lab” kind of album for CAVE —with a few more guitars and a few less keyboards on board, the band is energized and ready to try things in a new way. All CAVE music grabs at your ears and the soft tissue within, and yet this time, it’s just so much more super-crystalline, bottom-booting and all-spacious than ever before. Recorded on a 1" 8-track Scully machine that may or may not have spent some quality burnin’ time at Muscle Shoals, Threace was half-planned and half-jammed using different mic placements, building up from a basic set of as few mics as possible. Then, they got out the razor blade and used it to cut tape (and realities) together into a metro-musical albumen that’s only started to flower in this world. Known for playing with rolling funk minimalism; Threace finds the band inhabiting their cut-up aesthetic with tremendous ease and fewer reference points than before. They access new depths of meditative stasis, and then torpedo the dream and turn on a dime to ride the riffs again. It’s no wonder that they spent such quality time on the sounds, because the writing now has the close fit of a second skin. From exotica to erotica to rock ‘n yuh, the songs are lived in,...

LP $17.50

10/15/2013 781484055211 

DC 552 

CD $13.75

10/15/2013 781484055228 

DC 552 CD 

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DC 552 CS