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Cobweb And Colossus by Cex


Cobweb And Colossus

Already in 2012 the always prolific Cex has released the album "Masokismi" and double album "Presumed Dead". But we think he saved the best for last on this tight no-frills EP of surprisingly elegant and soulful electronics which mix the classic Cex sound with crazy new fangled Vladislav Delay/Thomas Fehlmann type dub influence we find hella pleasing and hope to hear more of.  Long gone are the Vaudevillean #1 entertainer Cex days of crowd-surfing and Naked MC'ing, but the restless do-or-die spirit has clearly not been exorcised from him. When he is not taking part in the local Baltimore hijinx with his weekly Deep in the Game club night or Gandalfing for some of the rising Indie darlings, the reclusive hero known to friends and family as Rjyan Kidwell is doing what he does best, honing his beat making skills, perfecting his craft, making fresh post-IDM instrumental Jams….each batch better then the next.

MP3 $4.95

11/05/2012 751937519584 

MEOW 195 

Secret Monog by Cex


Secret Monog

Cex’s latest collection of tracks, the recently-released TINY CREATURE, made public the horrifying revelation that in the relatively low profile period since the last time this OG laptop prodigy flew around the world mass-molesting unsuspecting punters with his notoriously flamboyant rhythm demonstrations, a startling amount of austere beauty has been incorporated into his palette. Tigerbeat6 is proud now to announce that “Secret Monog”, the dirty red jewel in the crown of this aggressively impressionistic & decidedly anti-fashion approach to funky synth+drum machine, is TINY CREATURE’s second single. The SECRET MONOG EP features a narcotic video for this emotional banger by the prolific Baltimore visuals wizard Mark Brown which will allow you to visit the bottom of a k-hole in full scuba gear without any additional chemicals. In addition, you will find nine summer- centric remixes of songs from TINY CREATURE by nine of the finest professionals working in the field of beat deconstruction today. Vaetxh, Wascal, & Gareth Clarke appear representing English Core City & dubstep ground zero Bristol. From Berlin, techno capital of our solar system, we welcome Positive Self, Voltek, & Duran Duran Duran. And from the fringes of the beleagured American empire come Producer Snafu, Schwarz, and Joe Lentini. This exclusive cadre of machine music maestros, handpicked by Kid606 & Cex, skillfully reconfigure TINY CREATURE’s complex and asymmetrical synth riffs into a prismatic array of dazzling, hyperactive trunkrattlers. There are also two exclusive new Cex compositions: “Sean Wilkes Booth,” which is fast and sharp, and “Lizard Lips”...

MP3 $9.90

06/13/2011 751937517689 

MEOW 176 

Tiny Creature by Cex


Tiny Creature

After a quick succession of uniquely soulful electro-prog albums, Baltimore’s Cex loomed ominously on the periphery of pop stardom. He wore prominent underground record labels the way other rising artists wore gaudy diamond jewelry; the music press salivated like hyenas behind a hunting tigress, eager to feed on the havoc this unpredictable wunderkind was sure to wreak upon the increasingly conservative American music scene. All of this, though, was dashed when Cex attempted to release the cyberotic loveletter that is Tiny Creature, a miniature synthetic opera that explicitly invokes an unbridled lust so inappropriate it might leave even Nabokov or de Sade speechless. In an era which so relishes both the integration of digital technology into our sexuality and the story of the once-celebrated hero’s fall from grace, it is a testament to the intense graphic imagery Cexman wrings from his electronic orchestra that his name is mentioned only in whispers of late. After finding his labels distancing themselves from him, legitimate venues banning his live show and online media outlets blacklisting all associated projects, Cex turned to longtime friend and advocate Kid606’s Tigerbeat6 to make sure that his obscene opus could be heard by the public. Convinced that history would vindicate Tiny Creature like it did like earlier boundary-pushing works by James Joyce, Gore Vidal, and Prince, 606 has risked potential years of litigation to publish this nasty, nasty album.

CD $13.00

03/15/2011 884501465809 

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03/15/2011 884501465809 


Megamuse by Cex



Cex is back in 2011 with “Megamuse,” one of his best songs ever and the first single from his game-changing upcoming new album Tiny Creature. “Megamuse” is a sexy beast of spaced out IDM/Hip-Hop sped up and played at 11, pumping out Dr. Dre style Cali-love synth melodies over meaty double-time Baltimore club hi-hats and a laid-back 808 groove. While most of his contemporaries were busy installing new plug-ins or trying to make Dubstep, Cex dug deep into his freakiest electrofunk roots to create a whole new musical vocabulary to speak with, born from long nights jamming with high-end FM synths driven by step sequencers and freestyle MPC blasting. Stellar remixes come courtesy of next level beatmaker Fulgeance (Musique Large, All City, One Handed Music, Eklektik Records), post- wobble/futurebass duo Baconhead (Ebola & Autobee-Acroplane), illustrator/musician/genius Raoul Sinier aka RA (Planet-Mu, Ad Noiseam, Sublight), and up and coming electronica/IDM whiz-kids KingBastard (Herb) and Scrubber Fox (The Centrifuge, Merck, Skam).

MP3 $2.99

01/25/2011 751937516989 


Bataille Royale by Cex


Bataille Royale

Nine years after his debut release on Tigerbeat6, the label's prodigal son Cex has finally returned home.  BATAILLE ROYALE, his tenth full-length, finds the incorrigible Baltimoron using the experience gained on his epic wanderings to crossbreed his hometown's native dance music with the wicked strain of IDM that he helped pioneer at the start of the millennium.  Having grown up partying to the anxious, overdriven sound of Baltimore club, Cex has little interest in trying to duplicate the work of the scene's titans-- like Rod Lee, DJ Technics, Dukeyman, and Scottie B-- instead opting to push the sound to its trippiest limits by incorporating his equally long-standing passion for the exquisite European electronica of Autechre, Vladislav Delay, Pan Sonic, and Basic Channel.  This highly original blend (which we like to call "Freedom Club") has captivated Baltimore's exploding underground music scene, where you can often find the Cexman presiding over dirty dance parties like some kind of gonzo Gandalf, playing marathon sets late into the night.  The first eight tracks are also available on two limited 12"s from Cex's own Must Finish imprint.

MP3 $7.99



Actual Fucking by Cex


Actual Fucking

***BACK IN STOCK!!! The long-awaited new album from CEX featuring contributions from ROBBY NEWTON (MILEMARKER), CALE PARKS (ALOHA, JOAN OF ARC), MARK SHIRAZI & JASON BUEHLER (NICE NICE), JASON CADDELL (DISMEMBERMENT PLAN), TIM KINSELA (JOAN OF ARC), and BOBBY BURG (LOVE OF EVERYTHING). Eight funky songs about breaking free from guilt and shame and getting it on.

LP $12.00

04/03/2006 656605835013 


CD $12.00

04/03/2006 616822025420