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Who Is My Killer? by Charlie 'ungry

Charlie 'ungry

Who Is My Killer?

***A slightly altered reissue of the 1977 House On Chester Road EP from UK punks CHARLIE 'UNGRY. Leveling off their enthusiasm for a wider variety of sounds than most of their contemporaries, the band grasped a serious metallic sound right out of the gate, as their signature song “Who Is My Killer?” rips through the speakers in a NWOBHM style that’s undeniable. However, their glammy Slade-like rhythms and break-neck speed signaled a very punkish angle, reflecting the energy and nihilism of the exploding punk phenomenon, and their unique interplay between song styles, even mid-song as in “Who Is My Killer?” had an incredible effect, yet it was sadly underexposed. In retrospect, most truly innovative bands trying something new have had a cold response in general, par for the course in the case of Charlie ‘Ungry as well, with their incredible fusion of British metal guitar, pulse-pounding glam vocals, and white-knuckle punk rock delivery. Most simpletons just couldn’t get their heads wrapped around it. Features "Who Is My Killer?," backed with a song interchanged with an incredible, first-time-on-vinyl track. Edition of 500 copies on black vinyl.

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