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Choo Choo La Rouge

The Sunshine State by Choo Choo La Rouge

Choo Choo La Rouge

The Sunshine State

***Human pitted against human. At the end of the day that’s all we are, and no amount of lawyering around it is going to change that fact. On their newest record The Sunshine State, Choo Choo la Rouge promenade straight down the tracks into oncoming traffic. They’ve been injured, and they’ve been blessed. It is time to make a stand. They have the angels on their side, and then again, who the fuck can count on angels? The name Choo Choo la Rouge refers to a part of the Boston subway system that passes through working class enclaves and Ivy League sanctuaries. They were part of the remarkably fertile Boston scene of the late-’90s and early aughts, alongside similarly lacerating and loveable artists Papas Fritas, The In Out, and Hallelujah The Hills. That was a long time ago—twenty years, some say—but anyway the weird urgency of that energetic scene persists, ghost-like throughout their first release since 2009’s underground classic Black Clouds....

LP $21.95

04/05/2024 659696548817 

KRC 40