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Meiga De Acero by Clara!


Meiga De Acero
Editions Gravats

“Low Jack debuts as beatmaker on a pair of mutant reggaeton zingers for Clara!, the rising Galician vocalist and DJ, in pursuit of their keenly sought-after solo 12”s for Les Disques De La Bretagne.  On both the technoid ‘Acero’ and their grindin’ ‘Meiga’ workout, Low Jack and Clara! play into and explore the idea of reggaeton dancehall as modern Hispanic punk music. As such the results are ruggedly direct and riddled with hypnotic hooks, distinguishing their own strand of the dembow diaspora with timeless swagger and dare-to-be-different flourishes. With a ghetto-ready grasp of soundsystem pressure on ‘Acero’, Low Jack whips killer, bumping bass under choral synth jabs and icy electronics while Clara! goes on infectiously droll and low key. The B-side’s ‘Meiga’ then finds them dropping the tempo to better highlight Clara’s rolled R’s and Low Jack’s mesh of rasping, traditional Hispanic percussion with subtly psychedelic electronics.  These cuts are just dripping with attitude, and in an icy cool, understated, yet hard-to-resist style bound to rule the dance.”—Boomkat

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