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Bonfires On The Heath by Clientele


Bonfires On The Heath

***BACK IN PRINT!!! Bonfires on the Heath is a return to the CLIENTELE’s roots; the dreamlike suburban landscapes first encountered in the early singles, their trippy sense of menace stronger now. Back in London, they’ve drawn on older traditions of English folk, which exist here side by side with the band’s more familiar bossa and pop elements. MEL DRAISLEY’s contributions on piano and violin add beautifully to ALASDAIR MACLEAN’s timeless, eerie songs. Instantly identifiable, the Clientele sound like no one else, although they are cited as an influence by bands as diverse as Spoon and the Fleet Foxes.

LP $21.35

04/21/2017 673855034713 


CD $14.50

10/06/2009 673855034720 

MRG 347 CD 

Strange Geometry by Clientele


Strange Geometry

***2005’s Strange Geometry is the first CLIENTELE album to be recorded in a fully equipped, professional studio with an established engineer/producer. The album features twelve dreamy folk-pop songs with shimmering psych guitars and string arrangements by LOUIS PHILLIPPE. The Strange Geometry vinyl repress includes a full album download, plus a six-track digital-only bonus download of songs previously unreleased. (STREET DATE - 5/06/2016)

LP $21.60

05/06/2016 673855026718 


CD $13.75

10/11/2005 036172956722 

MRG 267 CD 

Suburban Light by Clientele


Suburban Light

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 9.1 Best New Reissue rating from Pitchfork. A reissue Suburban Light—the start of Merge’s five-album, decade-plus relationship with THE CLIENTELE. Released as a double-disc and one-LP/one-CD set, this new edition will feature not only the album in its original European tracklisting but also a revelatory set of covers, rehearsals and B-sides that reveal the earliest iterations of The Clientele. And there’s the previously unreleased “Sarah’s Prelude,” too, the lovely, lonely and abandoned opener of an album that stuns, even without the strings. LP includes a download as well.

LP+CD $22.50

05/13/2014 673855018713 


2XCD $13.50

05/13/2014 673855018720 

MRG 187 CD