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Cloudland Canyon

***Cloudland Canyon is an American experimental music project led by Kip Uhlhorn, known for blending ambient, drone, krautrock, psychedelic, house music elements into a unique sonic universe. With the release of their new self-titled LP, the band continues to explore the boundaries of sound and space, taking the listener on a journey through lush soundscapes and immersive textures. Formed in 2002, Cloudland Canyon has released several critically acclaimed albums, including Fin Eaves, Lie In Light, and An Arabesque. Their recent releases have been produced by Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3/Spectrum. With each release, Uhlhorn has pushed the envelope of experimental pop music, collaborating with various musicians and producers to create intricate and otherworldly compositions. This time around Uhlhorn collaborated primarily with AI to generate and create a compositions that sound like they are meant for an alternate realm where both beauty and suffering are both present, but not at odds with one another. AI has helped Uhlhorn take one step further into the transfigurative looking glass. The new LP, marks a new chapter in Cloudland Canyon's journey, expanding their sonic palette to include elements of techno and electronic music while still retaining their signature dreamy atmospheres. The album is a journey through a sonic landscape that is at once futuristic and nostalgic, evoking the feeling of driving down an endless highway into the sunset.

LP $19.85

07/28/2023 810096653239 

MR 091 

MP3 $3.99

12/01/2012 655035045412 

IA 014 

Prophetic Frequencies by Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon

Prophetic Frequencies
Monofonus Press

***“A new double-header from synth-abusing weirdos CLOUDLAND CANYON finds the duo exploring dangerously groovy beat-laden territory. The big payoff comes with ‘Sundowners’, which blends pulsing analogue synthesizer tones with a brutal 909 kick and echoing vocal, sounding something like a blend between Berlin techno and the drug-addled NYC post punk of 1982. It’s a brave new world for Cloudland Canyon since their Kranky LPs, but one which appears to work for them, and ‘Prophetic Frequencies’ is well worthy of close inspection.”—Boomkat

12" $10.50

11/20/2012 609788189572 

MF 043 

MP3 $5.99

09/18/2012 609788189572 


MP3 $4.99

07/01/2012 655035044613 

IA 006 

LP VERSION INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD COUPON!!!   Originally an all-things-not-Panthers outlet for guitarist Kip Ulhorn swapping musical ideas with Simon Wojan (now in King Khan and his Shrines), Cloudland Canyon spent several years interpreting the more structurally-challenged examples of Krautrock, '70s psych of the drone-discovering variety, spots of unnerving (in a good way) improv here and there, and the wonderful '90s bands that started out as head-scratchers and ended up as innovators (first-wave Siltbreeze and Kranky highlights). Fin Eaves, the band's third full-length overall, is the inaugural album from Cloudland Canyon Phase II. Joined once again by significant-other Kelly Ulhorn and a rotating cast of contributors, Kip has crafted a unique take on really, really goddamned loud and noisy. Most important--hinted at on 2008's Lie in Light--are big, unavoidable pop hooks clawing their way out of a pulsating, throbbing thickness of guitar, bass, who-knows-what-type-of-effects and understated but omnipresent drumming. Imagine a Flying Saucer Attack foundation supporting noise on par with the first two Iran albums, or maybe even Jesu, with flowing vocals providing the major pop-hook components. Cloudland Canyon's new creative level is not indebted to, but informed by the aforementioned band. Fin Eaves is an antidote for widespread devastation caused by Creative Bankruptcy and The Arrogance of Assumed Originality--two epidemics of devastating mediocrity that will cause our children to break their own ribs with convulsive laughter. This album will be slobbered over by both cobweb-crotched solitude-enthusiasts and beautiful people alike for years and years, necessitating a barrage of reissue...

LP $13.00

09/21/2010 655035682211 


CD $12.00

09/07/2010 655035682228 

HOLY072811 CD 

MP3 $8.91

09/07/2010 655035682228 


Silver Tongue Sisyphus by Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon

Silver Tongue Sisyphus
Holy Mountain

Recorded in Brooklyn, Germany, and Memphis, Silver Tongued Sisyphus follows Cloudland Canyon's well-received Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004 released on the Tee Pee label. The album's secular calls to prayer with humming, looping, and loping ambient passages are interspersed with bursting rhythmic energy and agitated guitar lines. Pulling influences from the foggy ether of generations past, the band stakes their claim to the shadows of the cult musical culture of the late 1960s and early 1970s German underground scene. Live shows sound like unauthorized soundtracks to netherworld versions of The Swimmer or The Scorceror. Originally released on vinyl in an edition of 96 copies, Silver Tongued Sisyphus is now available once again. "... a stunning neo-psychedelic experience where the musical spirits of This Heat, Ash Ra Temple, and The Mahavishnu Orchestra are evoked, celebrated, and absorbed inside Uhlhorn and Wojan's shifting cloud-formations of sound." --The Wire "The group's debut album Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004 is a starry-eyed psych-rock opus with mystical aspirations and a Ph.D in minimalist-drone composition. It's as if they have read the world's great religious tomes and studied drones under master minimalist composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley." --Alternative Press  "Bolstered into a deep, mystical vein of sonic poetry and rare melodic beauty, they make most freak folkies sound like fey daisy-pickers." --The Stranger

LP $13.00



Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004 by Cloudland Canyon

Cloudland Canyon

Requiems Der Natur 2002-2004
Intercoastal Artists

MP3 $9.90

06/05/2006 655035045313 

IA 013