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***"I'll take a number 3 combo" "'I'll take plate combination B" ... Common phrases heard while in the waiting queue of eatery establishments. But when the consumer orders a "Combo", are they fully processing their fiscally sound purchasing decision? Webster's defines a "Combination" or "Combo" as: a joining or merging of different parts or qualities in which the component elements are individually distinct. In layman's terms: more bang for your buck. Michael Cruz, the mastermind behind the brands: AV2 2:27, Plunk 67 is teaming up once again with CFO Keith Ival to bring you, the consumer, their latest product: "Destroyayaya". Little needs to be said about the quality Combo delivers, its a given. Their most ambitious product to date, "Destroyayaya" includes both old and new product features, in a "combination" of sorts. Fiscally, you can never go wrong with a "Combo", so break me off a piece, thanks. Perfect for fans of The Screamers, Lightning Bolt, Sci-fi Synth Punk, and SEGA Genesis.

MC $8.00


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