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Come Holy Spirit

Undiscovered Land by Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

Undiscovered Land
Water Wing

***Undiscovered Land is the fourth full length album from the Pittsburgh based trio COME HOLY SPIRIT, and their second Water Wing release. The eight tracks on Undiscovered Land run the gamut of riotous joy and eerie angst. Displaying the angular chops and polyrhythmic twists and turns, the band's come to be known for. Recorded in the spring of 2019 by DON GODWIN. GINA FAVANO's (singer/bass player) lyrics vacillate from acknowledging the fleeting beauty inherent in life (in tracks like "Tedious and Brief"), to spewing righteous indignation about 45's border wall ("AWOL") and the Me Too movement ( "Working Women Are Pissed"). Music for the revolution! Limited edition of 300 copies.   “Jarring, fucked-up, but powerful, enigmatic, unique post-hardcore/post-everything…”—Andrew Earles

LP $15.50


WW 29 

Asters And Disasters by Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

Asters And Disasters
Water Wing

***Formed in 2012 in Pittsburgh PA, COME HOLY SPIRIT wields the age-old trifecta of guitar, bass, and drums in unexpected configurations. The songs embody a complex aggregate of musical influences, ranging from the angular deconstructivism of early experimental anarcho-punk (think Dog Faced Hermans and Poison Girls) to the tender repetition of far-flung folk music. GINA FAVANO's (JOHN DENVER’S AIRPLANE, BEWARE THE BLUNTED NEEDLE) bass playing lies somewhere between a thunder storm and a runaway train. And her striking vocal range alternately spits and croons a shrewd critique through a caul of poetry, while SAM PACE CENTIPEDE EEST, RICKETY RECORDS) incorporates unconventional percussion with elaborate poly-rhythms to add another layer of tonal melody to the mix. The trio is completed and complimented with AARON LINDBERG's (HEX, GARMONBOZIA) sometimes percussive scratchy guitar work, sometimes melodic and patient with bouts of blistering heaviness. After two self released efforts, Asters and Disasters marks their third album and their first on Water Wing. The album's six songs (seven including the digital download bonus track!) run the gamut of anthemic joy and punishingly noisy mayhem, all the while never losing the groove. Two songs "Elephantine" and “Essayons” feature the iconic voice of GW SOK (THE EX, KING CHAMPION SOUNDS) who was given the song titles and a peek into the imagery that was swirling around Favano's head when the songs were named. Sok took the germs of ideas, wrote the lyrics and performed them on the album. Cover photo by underground filmmaker BILL DANIEL. Limited to...

LP $16.35


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