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Halloween Record W/ Sound Effects by Cormans, Thee

Cormans, Thee

Halloween Record W/ Sound Effects
In The Red

Re-pressed in time for Halloween!  Fiends! Ghouls! Creeps! In the grand tradition of Frankie Stein and His Ghouls and The Deadly Ones, Thee Cormans present Halloween Record w/ Special Effects—a bona fide Halloween rock ’n’ roll album just in time for the only holiday that matters.  The Southern Californian biker / surf instrumental combo has been bashing out their brand of Davie-Allan-and-the-Arrows-meets-The-Ventures-on-meth thrash for several years now. Theirs is a sound informed by scratched-up ’60s instrumental records, KBD punk singles and exploitation B-movies chock full of monsters, bikers and mayhem. What this group of weirdos does to the surf instrumental genre is the same as what The Mummies did to Pacific Northwest ’60s rock back in the ’90s—they speed it up, drag it through the mud, pour a can of politically incorrect attitude over the top and call it a pie. In this case, the pie is filled with rubber bats, plastic fangs and novelty shrunken heads. Halloween Record w/ Special Effects will make you shriek, rattle and roll! These are spine-chilling sounds guaranteed to make you shiver. Flesh-ripping guitar playing! Skull-pulverizing drum beats! Gore-spattering bass lines! Spooky, hair-raising sound effects! The bloody horror of this record is positively sinister. You will hate yourself if you miss it! In The Red is not legally responsible for death caused by heart failure or fright as a result of listening to Halloween Record w/ Special Effects. In other words, this record is not for sissies. ...

LP $13.00

10/11/2011 759718631319 

ITR 1313 

MP3 $9.90

10/11/2011 759718631319