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Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks by Cosmos


Jar Of Jam Ton Of Bricks
Happy Jack Rock Records

The latest collaboration project from Robert Pollard comes with a bit of a twist: Pollard hooked up with another indie rock icon, Richard Davies (The Moles, Cardinal), to form the band Cosmos. To round out the ensemble, Davies enlisted some of his Massachusetts merry men to assist with the music, including David Minehan (The Neighborhoods) and Malcom Travis (Human Sexual Response, Sugar). On Jar of Jam Ton of Bricks, the vocal duties are split between the two heavyweights: Pollard takes lead on eight songs, Davies on four. The album flows back and forth between atmospheric acoustic sounds with great Pollard melodies on top ("Sudden Storms Are Normal," "Just by Pushing a Button") to all-out pop rockers ("Nude Metropolis," "Westward Ho"), and concludes with a bang with the emotionally charged Davies-sung tune "Hail Mary."

LP $13.00

06/09/2009 655035082318 

HJRR 23 

CD $13.00

06/09/2009 655035082325 


MP3 $9.90

06/09/2009 655035082325