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Country Teasers / Ezee Tiger

Anthony Ezee Tiger is this one-man band dude from Michigan. He also plays in Paik, but his Butthole Surfers-esque solo shows convinced more than one guy that he's a for-real fucking powerhouse. On his side of this split, he takes one-man plod and somehow turns on the Health and Efficiency vibe without encouraging a bunch of vegans or non-smokers to give their opinions. And then it all of a sudden bangs down into a little pop song. Who wants ice cream?  "... a pandemonium of murky feedback, speaker-thrashing guitar and bass riffs, and slurred vocals. Ezee's blossoming walls of sound consume each other whole, belching out the byproducts through trash-bin electronics. And yet somehow it all comes together with catchy melodies that threaten to lodge dangerously long in your memory." --The Stranger  Country Teasers have twelve songs on their side. They might have thought it was a Fall record, but since the Nimbus plant closed, no one could really cram that much tunage on one side of a record--until now! Ben Wallace and company not only keep banging the door and plinking and plonking, but get cozy enough to make you feel that the whole cowboy hat thing's not a fluke.

LP $13.00



MP3 $9.90

12/09/2008 655035611617