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Metro Detroit frisky/risky dreamer DJ Coyote Clean Up serves up a heart n’ hardbody emotional saga with 2 Hot 2 Wait, his deep-debut freaky full-length on 100% Silk.?!  Hot-under-the-collar horniness (a woman simply counts to three on “Zebra Go Seek” and you start to undress), headphone-house grain (the fuzzy gut-bump on “The Least U Could Feel” is like warm breath whispering in your ear), skrewed RnB Freestyle strip-hop (stuttery layers give hopeful, life-affirming energy to the lover-lost “Awesome Luv”) and out-of-time mash-ups (“Double Dip” is a memory overlapping, with a classic ’95 dial-tone under and over contempo EDM knob-twists) blend blissfully, fashioning a sentimental journey through a sex-love-loss odyssey.?!  2 Hot 2 Wait is a sensua-stellar standout, beckoning, daring, colorful and celebratory in its exhibitionism and lust..?!

LP $13.00

05/14/2013 655035824413 

SILK 044 LP 

CD $12.00

04/30/2013 655035824420 

SILK 044 CD 

MP3 $6.93

04/30/2013 655035824420 


Coyote Clean Up, aka Ice Cold Chrissy, went to the same high school as Madonna.?! He’s raved alongside Detroit hard-knockers and partied with the big D noise-boys.?! FROZEN SOLID’s got the pickled perspective mesh/mash-up of glam-mo sensuality, post-industrial apocalypse humor, and Midwest wind-chill dream grime that all the coasters could use a sonic dose of.?! Snatch, crackle, pop: these are the backroom, rotating bed, velvet wallpaper, dance jams SILK built the foundation for their house on, sparkling and fading into the mini-reels of cassette candy.?! Vintage is only a vantage point for the crickety critics – CCU’s got old style for the new world, fresh and frozen for all you future freaks..?!

MP3 $6.93

03/20/2012 655035001449 

SILK 027