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Switched-on Seeker by Cronin, Mikal

Cronin, Mikal

Switched-on Seeker

***RECORD STORE DAY 2020 RELEASE!!! Mikal Cronin experienced a creativity boom in late 2018 / early 2019, inspired in part by the massive wildfires in Southern California.?! Forced to evacuate from the Idyllwild cabin where he’d been writing songs, Cronin returned to Los Angeles ready to make something.?! In fact, he recorded two albums: Seeker, released in October 2019, and its electronic counterpart Switched-On Seeker, out April 18, 2020, aka Record Store Day.?! The idea for Switched-On Seeker, whose title was inspired by a series of early electronic music records by Wendy Carlos playing classical music on an early Moog system, arose from Cronin’s interest in synths and electronic music, and he set out to rerecord the songs of Seeker track by track using only his voice and a collection of synthesizers and drum machines.?!

LP $17.75

08/29/2020 673855071114 

MRG 711 

***Recorded live with a crew of close friends and engineer JASON QUEVER at Palmetto Studios in Los Angeles, Seeker finds MIKAL CRONIN pushing his often devastating power pop into darker territory—from the isolation of “Show Me” to the desperation of “Fire” to the unadorned heartache of “Sold.”.?!

LP $17.75

10/25/2019 673855070018 

MRG 700 

CD $13.75

10/25/2019 673855070025 

MRG 700 CD 

Seeker (Limited Edition) by Cronin, Mikal

Cronin, Mikal

Seeker (Limited Edition)

***Recorded live with a crew of close friends and engineer JASON QUEVER at Palmetto Studios in Los Angeles, Seeker finds MIKAL CRONIN pushing his often devastating power pop into darker territory—from the isolation of “Show Me” to the desperation of “Fire” to the unadorned heartache of “Sold.” Limited edition vinyl version pressed on green swirl vinyl with a bonus red/green colored vinyl 12-inch..?!

LP+12" $24.25

10/25/2019 673855070001 

MRG 700 X 

Undertow / Breathe by Cronin, Mikal

Cronin, Mikal

Undertow / Breathe
Famous Class

***"It’s easy to get caught up in an undertow, pulled down into the water, weightless and directionless.?! The current stirs and you lose your way.?! But eventually, if you’re lucky and patient, you can float back up to the surface and take a breath.?! This is my first new music in a while—my gulp of air.?! Many talented friends joined me, the basic tracks were recorded live together for the first time in my recording career.?! This felt good.?! JASON QUEVER recorded it in Los Angeles, December of 2018.?! Thanks for listening.".?!

7" $9.25


FC 052 

MP3 $1.98

05/10/2019 647603405247 

FC 052 

FLAC $2.49

05/10/2019 647603405247 

FC 052 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! MIKAL CRONIN returns with MCIII.?! Marked by the lush arrangements, stunning melodies, and deeply personal lyrical work for which Cronin is now known, the album is also a deliberate attempt to simply “go big.” As he did on his self-titled 2011 debut and 2013’s MCII, Cronin arranged and played nearly all of the record himself, including the tzouras, a traditional Greek string instrument he heard and subsequently bought while on tour in Athens.?! There’s French horn, saxophone, and trumpet.?! There are mood-altering crescendos and heartbreaking turns-of-phrase, guitars both gorgeous and pugnacious.?! No longer satisfied with the sound of “just one string player,” Cronin arranged parts for a full string quartet instead.?! “It’s a continuation of what I’ve been trying to do up until now, but I’m finding a better way to do it,” he says.?!

LP $17.50

05/05/2015 673855055015 

MRG 550 

CD $13.50

05/05/2015 673855055022 

MRG 550 CD 

***MIKAL CRONIN’s self-titled debut from 2011 was all about endings: the end of college, the end of a serious relationship, and the end of his time in Los Angeles, where he grew up.?! So it’s no surprise that his sophomore release MCII—and first disc for Merge Records—is all about new beginnings.?! “Since the first record came out, my life has changed quite a bit,” Cronin says, referencing his move to San Francisco and tours with Ty Segall as well as with his own band.?! “I was presented with a whole new slew of problems and situations that I was trying to work through.” “Am I Wrong” and “Shout It Out” dissect his fears over a new relationship, while “I’m Done Running from You” and “Weight” find him freaking out about what it means to grow up in the 21st century.?! Recorded in late 2012 by ERIC BAUER at Bauer Mansion in San Francisco (except for “Don’t Let Me Go” which was recorded by Cronin at home), MCII includes guest appearances by K.?!

LP $17.50

05/07/2013 673855047515 

MRG 475 

CD $13.50

05/07/2013 673855047522 

MRG 475 CD 

***The San Francisco scene keeps producing serious psychedelic clack ’n’ burble and MIKAL CRONIN is the latest.?! Everyone loved the fuzzed-out Fading Yellow pop-psych he delivered on his debut album, and Tide shows him just getting better at it.?! Good luck getting the knee-buckling guitar hook and woozy falsetto chorus of the title track out of your head.?! The flip might even be better—”You Gotta Have Someone” is a sweet, swirly collision of Ride and The Byrds..?!

7" $6.00

01/17/2012 600385220279 

81 GONE 

MP3 $1.98

12/13/2011 600385220279 


***MIKAL CRONIN steps momentarily away from the rhythm section of THE MOONHEARTS with his debut solo release.?! TY SEGALL plays drums on a few tracks and helped record this platter, which also features guest spots from Ty as well as JOHN DWYER (THEE OH SEES).?! Mikal's debut is full of personal & universal themes, taking such influences as late ‘60s Del Shannon and The Everley Bros, a more punk Harry Nilsson or Curt Boettcher, balancing sweet melodies and chords with chunky, psychedelic guitar freakouts, filtering them through his own mutant California fuzz..?!

LP $17.50

09/20/2011 609132557804 

TIM 031 

CD $10.50

09/20/2011 609132557811 

TIM 031 CD