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***DANK GOBLINS' debut Fruity Cigars is a drowsy instrumental hip-hop collaboration featuring West Bay all stars LUKE SICK, FRANK MARCHI and ANDRES WADE with DJ EONS in the mastermind position. Using primarily live instrumentation and only a few samples for splash of color, Eons has crafted a wholly unique amalgamation of unsettling atmosphere and grimy beats chilled to bone with a creeping darkness that will leave you shivering with the paranoia of your future crumbling around you while the world around you get swallowed in the name of progress. ”Highly” recommended.

LP $21.95

09/22/2023 795154143412 

LUNGS 238 

MP3 $7.99

09/15/2023 795154143412 

LUNGS 238 

FLAC $8.99

09/15/2023 795154143412