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In San Francisco’s Mission District, there’s a Victorian house with a garden full of towering tobacco flowers and rose vines so thick they’re pulling down the fence. Every Sunday, for a great span of 2021, songwriter Sarah Rose Janko would join producer and engineer Alicia Vanden Heuvel (Aislers Set, Magic Trick) there, to play guitar, sing harmonies, and hum lines for other instruments, before retreating to Vanden Heuvel’s basement recording studio (Speakeasy Studios SF), to roll tape on her Otari half-inch 8-track. This is how, week by week, Dawn Riding’s new record You’re Still Here, was chipped out of the ethereal and into an expansive album of meticulously crafted and deeply captivating songs. It’s an album steeped in intimacy and warmth, each song built with a level of restraint that leaves room for Jankos’s quietly fierce vocals and her powerful songwriting to sit front and center. Nothing is rushed and each song is presented almost as a vignette: some with so much stillness one can feel the relationships, some that build from the heart’s interior solitude into swells of emotional catharsis. Above all, the album drives and breathes with storytelling. You’re Still Here marks Dawn Riding’s third full-length album, dropping this November as a co-release between The Long Road Society and Speakeasy Studios SF, two women-owned Bay Area record labels, a fitting arrangement considering that the album’s creation was deeply collaborative. The credits reveal a wealth of Bay Area musicians lending their talents, with multi-instrumentalist Vanden Heuvel acting as producer...

LP $22.00

11/11/2022 733102726669 

SPEAKEASY 004 / LRS 009 

MP3 $7.99

11/11/2022 733102726669 

SPEAKEASY 004 / LRS 009 

FLAC $8.99

11/11/2022 733102726669 

SPEAKEASY 004 / LRS 009 

***In their debut album Last Spring, DAWN RIDING has crafted a project that is somehow fierce, intimate, outlaw, passionate, and psychedelic, all at the same time. Having cut their teeth in basements, underground venues, and punk houses around the country, it only made sense for Dawn Riding’s debut to come to life in a dusty mid-fi recording studio run out of a San Francisco garage. The eight psych-tinged songs that came out of the Last Spring sessions unveil the stories of songwriter SARAH ROSE JANKO's fabled friendships, renegade icons, and uncompromising ethos, and serve as a perfect introduction to Dawn Riding’s dreamy, gritty sound. It’s an album for loners & relentless romantics, full of emotional casualties, resilient heroes, and living close to the edge. Dawn Riding is Sarah Rose Janko (lead vocal/acoustic guitar), HALL MCCANN (harmony vocal/electric guitar), and JASMYN WONG (drums).

LP $17.75


LRS 005