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Towards Our Impending Doom by Deiquisitor


Towards Our Impending Doom
Dark Descent

Picking up not long after the release of the band’s second album Downfall Of The Apostates, Towards Our Impending Doom shows a band whose sound has evolved compositionally; combining memorable riffing and technical prowess unearthing Deiquisitor’s true sound. The Denmark-based trio has never sounded better than they do across these nine tracks spanning nearly thirty-nine minutes. “Catching the energy of a band that’s still in its new and hungry phase, Towards Our Impending Doom is a Death Metal album that sizzles and bursts like an erupting blister in a hellstorm of fire.” —Voices From The Darkside

CD $9.50

09/18/2020 616422140325 

DDR 245 CD