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Future Songs by Doozer, The

Doozer, The

Future Songs

***Future Songs was written for a never ending line or the circle as a symbol of the universe. It’s passed Aleph Null and resides at Aleph One. With visions of Gabriel on Cambridge’s infamous Castle Hill and al-Idr?s?’s Book of Roger, the songs are inward looking while charting the struggle between religiosity and actuality. Folksong story telling is placed in unfamiliar circumstances asking questions of the listener while looking for an answer. It’s all there, if a little hidden. Like they say, The Spiders House is so frail, if only they knew. While 2012’s Keep It Together released on Woodsist was a large ensemble all-encompassing affair, Future Songs invites the listener in, drawing him closer and closer toward the light. Listen in and the rewards will come. Previous releases on Woodsist, Siltbreeze, Pickled Egg and Sloowtapes. Limited edition of 250 copies for the world. Touring the USA with MV/EE September 2013.

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Keep It Together by Doozer, The

Doozer, The

Keep It Together

Keep It Together is the fourth full-length album from the Fenlands shadow puppet master The Doozer. Relocating to a village hall, little-theatre-style, he sets the task with a cast of eleven players dipping in and out, old Mrs. Mallows holding the keys.  Previous albums are primarily lonesome affairs, so this group activity holds sway on the album’s all-enveloping sound. Chords are the name of the game, and it’s certainly got them! You hear guitars, bass, piano and drums; slipping in to lift those harmonies, a string quartet and horns…. Is that a tuba from the Salvation Army, you say? Yeah it is, and salvation is at hand. Just let it come down from the “Aluminum Dome.” Perhaps you know what the weather’s like here, but if you don’t, take some advice from “Fen Drayton.” Or, if you’re in doubt about what flowers to get your girl, then check out “Fold Up Chair.” Are you undecided on your God? That’s “Oh Unbelievers!” But none of it’s good advice, it’s just a crack at the seam.  “A recent show that blew all attending asses out of the water was a short gig by a Cambridge, UK, duo known as The Doozer. The Doozer actually seems to be one guy, and his playing partner is called Ben, but never you mind. Anyway, they have a new LP out on Siltbreeze called Great Explorers and it is a gas and a pleasure of great dimensions. The lazy man’s way to review it...

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Great Explorers by Doozer, The

Doozer, The

Great Explorers

INCLUDES FREE DOWNLOAD COUPON!!!   Originally released as a CD on the UK label Pickled Egg in 2009, Great Explorers is the second full-length effort from one-man dynamo The Doozer. Siltbreeze was delightfully chuffed to make its acquaintance (by way of Matt Valentine's suggestion) and agreed to release it unto all the world on the much-sought-after vinyl format.Hailing from Cambridge, England, The Doozer bears an almost uncanny vocal resonance to past legend Syd Barrett, as well as a knack for cobbling together occasional found-tape narration with string-strum and hypnotic percussive plonk not unlike The Shadow Ring. The gin doesn't come much pinker than this. Great Explorers is limited to 500 copies and includes a free download. Look for a possible Doozer East Coast American tour in August."The Doozer makes angular bedroom psych-pop from guitar, keyboards and drum machines. He insists that he 'builds' music, and it's an apposite word. Sheet Music has a lovely constructed precision underlying its surface awkwardness, with a gift for finding chords or sour melodic twists that initially sound wrong, but turn out right. His counter-intuitive logic and oblique associations put him in a lineage connecting The Incredible String Band, Kevin Ayers and Billy Childish, but most of all another Cambridge alumnus, Syd Barrett. The Doozer has a voice of his own, though, and the quavers and quirks of songs like 'Dogwalking' and 'Burn the Tape' lodge themselves in the brain with strange persistence."--Sam Davies, The Wire"The Doozer furrows a...

LP $16.00

09/07/2010 655030113710 

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