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Dorji, Tashi & Frank Meadows

Initially issued a few years ago in a quantity even smaller than this pressing (250), Number Six Is Sacred quickly rose like cream to the top of the Tashi Dorji Discography of Dynamic Holyshitedness. Frank Meadows bass playing, and acute recording techniques, perfectly compment Dorji's disjunctive improvisation style.   "Number Six is Sacred was recorded in late 2013 at The University of North Carolina-Asheville, where Tashi and I were both studying at the time. I was in the Recording Program, initially but was taking several courses with Tashi exploring improvisation academically. I set up the microphones and just let it roll in the tiny school studio without another engineer present.  This record has some of my first, and proudest moments as an improvisor. Tashi and I had at that point started to collaborate frequently, and were trying to be more than just a string duo. We wanted to embody the physical facts of our instruments, as they same time as we forgot them. I stand by this release forever for its simplicity, and the comraderie that went into that evening. " Frank Meadows  "They choose to focus on the materiality of their instruments, pushing their personal, idiosyncratic tendencies into an objectification of the potential freedoms accessible through a focused, instrumental process." -Tiny Mix Tapes

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