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Spiral Heights by Dubharp


Spiral Heights
100% Silk

Denver DIY lifer Luke Thinnes launched Dubharp in 2018 as a cathartic experiment in fusing contradictory energies: propulsive but meditative, acoustic yet metallic, heaven vs the terrestrial. Spiral Heights, his sophomore collection, vividly captures this vision of “future Balearic” environments, with synthetic wind, strings, and mallets embedded in restlessly elastic 4th world rhythms. The title itself is “a gesture of gratitude” to the ecstatic refractions of dub echo and its “Ouroboros of infinite delay,” stretching time and opening pathways of mystical ascent. Though born of improvisation, the album's eight tracks unspool with precision and finesse, percolating syncopations of percussion, bass, bird sounds, glitch, and gleaming circuitry. Devotional zitherist Laraaji and dub renegade Lee “Scratch” Perry make memorable cameo appearances but otherwise Spiral Heights is a solo endeavor, voyaging and vibrational, multi-directional manifestations of spatial electronics bridging sky and soil, ether and earth. Dedicated to Harry J. Stephens and Colin R.F. Ward

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