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"During’s self-titled debut is a pipe bomb of originality, set to detonate and shake the foundation of the tired post-punk sounds of today when it hits via Chunklet on ______. And while some more obvious influences show across the ten track LP—like DEVO, Sonic Youth and Gang of Four—its strength lies in some of it’s wilder ideas and influences, creating a wholly new approach as yet unseen in the otherwise very tired genre of post-punk. 'I've always been super influenced by post punk stuff. The Fall is definitely up there, as well as WIRE and the Urinals, even the Gizmos,' says Fisher emphatically. 'The coolest thing about recording this LP was we didn't know what we were gonna end up with, it just sort of came out the way it came out. So while those influences are there because that's where we come from, none of it is totally clear because it’s jumbled up with so many of our other ideas.' Starting with a dizzying and frantic base, During's sound can best be classified using the hyper-cerebral approach of DEVO, garnished with touches of their more frenetic speedfreak acolytes Minneapolis’ Uranium Club. It’s from there that things drift into territories unseen, with a cold vocal delivery not unlike Mark E Smith, a quirky and free-spirited approach like the Cardiacs, atonal riffing that recalls Sonic Youth, and a mildly funk-focused bed to tether down the madness a la A Certain Ratio or the Contortions. All that comes baked in with the...

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CHKLP 035 

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CHKLP 035 

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CHKLP 035 

Birds of Juneau by During


Birds of Juneau

We all have our respective misgivings about the dreaded pandemic bands, but with a pedigree like During, how could you not fall in love with them? Steven Fisher from the Wilful Boys, Jordan Lovelace from Pampers/Brandy and Cory Plump from Spray Paint. What could possibly go wrong? We were offered up five songs to choose from and it was a legit struggle to decide which two ended up on this, their debut release. Expect a full length on Chunklet some time this fall. Artwork by Ben from Cuntz (with some help by yours truly) and mastered by Mikey Young.

MP3 $1.98

06/04/2021 733102721176 


FLAC $1.98

06/04/2021 733102721176