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Where’d You Go by Eat Skull

Eat Skull

Where’d You Go

***The Portland scuzz-pop-punk band’s first release in two years along with their recent LP, III, on Woodsist..?!

7" $6.30



***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.4 rating from Pitchfork.?! While you were out kicking an empty Sparks cup around SXSW, world class musical talents Eat Skull were busy creating their third opus, entitled III, on a fever train between states, cities, community colleges and jails.?! Nearly four days or four years in the making (depending on who you ask), III is a more psychedelic and perfectly circular outing then their previous classics of paranoid ecstasy Wild and Inside and Sick to Death.?!  Somewhere in between the subatomic joy of Primal Scream’s “Keep Your Dreams” and the desperate loneliness of Same Place the Fly Got Smashed-era Guided By Voices lies the weird and wonderful world of III.?! Throw a dash of Iron Maiden’s Wasted Years in the cauldron, stir and dip a cigarette in it to smoke.?! This is music to drink to, die to, fall in love to and quit your job to.?! Drive to Alaska.?!

LP $17.50

02/19/2013 655035036519 


MP3 $9.90

02/19/2013 655035036519 


Jerusalem Mall by Eat Skull

Eat Skull

Jerusalem Mall

***EAT SKULL return with a follow-up of sorts to last year’s Siltbreeze released debut, Sick To Death.?! Three new tracks.?! “Don't put baby in the corner.?!  ”Jerusalem Mall” is a newer Christmas time jingle for these hopeful times.?! Backed with two Sick to Death outtakes unavailable on vinyl till now.?!  No one puts baby in the corner.” Limited edition pressing..?!

7" $6.00



MP3 $2.97

01/26/2010 655035003672 


Wild And Inside by Eat Skull

Eat Skull

Wild And Inside

Eat Skull's Sick to Death received worldwide accolades for its frantic pacing, unimpeachable lyric quality, and nugget after nugget of pop hooks buried under a gob of lo-fi muzz.?! On this follow-up, fans and critics will find a cleaner, more inimitable Eat Skull at work.?! Frontman Rob Enbom has outdone himself with both lyrics and structure on Wild and Inside, and the band as a whole rises to the challenge of nixing the lo-fi tag for a sound that's less...?! antecedent.?! Gone is the wall of crud that prevents discerning listeners from identifying the instrumental play-by-play; in its stead, a set of crafted songs recall the paisley punk of The Last and the rural-delica of Great Plains, as well as nodding to the sanguine pop of early Flying Nun bands such as The Double Happys.?! Wild and Inside is a grower for the ages.?! It breathes deep and exhales perfectly.?!

LP $16.00


SB 124 

CD $13.00

04/14/2009 655030112423 

SB 124 CD 

MP3 $9.90



Sick To Death by Eat Skull

Eat Skull

Sick To Death

Leave it to the English to embellish a term like "shit-gaze" and in doing so codify the current DIY threadbare scrape of Times New Viking, Psychedelic Horseshit, and Tyvek.?! No surprise that the greatest shit-gazer of all time was none other than Samuel Coleridge, an avowed Brit who, plied full of laudanum, would sit for hours and stare at his bowel movements, writing copious notes on their color, texture, etc.?! "Monday?! Oh, stool journal, to where didst thine weekend go?" At any rate, it's hard to gauge how much mileage the Limeys can get with such a phrase, but cross your fingers it hangs around long enough for Eat Skull to share in the odorous mirth.?!

LP $12.00


SB 96LP 

CD $12.00

06/24/2008 655030109621 

sb 96 

MP3 $9.90