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A War For Wonder by Echtra


A War For Wonder
20 Buck Spin

Echtra is the solo project of one-half of the apocalyptic atavist black metal duo Fauna. Originating from the green forests of Cascadia, Echtra's music reflects the deep sense of reverence that emanates from the surrounding rich natural landscape. Steeped in live ritual, Echtra transmutes betrayal and abandonment into wisdom on A War of Wonder, conjuring visions of the soul achieving its ultimate reintegration into the corpus of Spirit.  Conceived in 2004 and utilized for ritual performance two years later, A War for Wonder chronicles an experimental aural landscape, eschewing allegiance to the strict confines of black metal in the relentless pursuit of personal mastery. Consciousness is immersed in a musicality wherein the abstractions of "genre" drift away as the sound deepens and swirls, engaging the emotional and etheric bodies in tandem with the intellect.  As the wooden timelessness of the acoustic melds with the distorted vibration of electricity, a new gnosis is reached, shielded from the reductive eyes of reason and allowed to loosen the bonds of the true being within. Containing this liberation is the seed of Echtra, the heroic journey of the Self from the shadows.  "This is how performances should be. A dance that engages your senses, sight and sound, smell and touch. This was a dance that evoked pure visceral emotion. This was a journey that brought the viewer from the temporal world to a primordial consciousness within their self-being. It was an honor to be present at this event, and I know...

CD $12.00

05/26/2009 721616803020 

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