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***"Heat Wave" was demoed by E.D. SEDGWICK (aka JUSTIN MOYER) and MIKE ANDRE after ANTELOPE’s dissolution for a project that never coalesced, then sat idle on a hard drive for two years, beloved but homeless. When E.D. Sedgwick went into the studio last November after a European tour, the band decided to record a new version, offer it to friends and family to remix, and give it back to the people as a white-label 12" to be played at 45 r.p.m. The final product features the single plus remixes by GREG SAUNIER of DEERHOOF, TRIOBELISK (SHELBY CINCA of FRODUS and THE CASSETTES), and Philadelphia’s PINK SKULL. It is being released on Mud Memory and Dischord Records. The 11-track MP3 download, which is included free with the vinyl, features additional remixes by GOLD CORNER (Mike Andre of Antelope), DAVIS WHITE, LENORABLE, JOHN MOON (CORNEL WEST THEORY) and THIRD CHANNEL (JASON HUTTO of AQUARIUM).

12" $17.75



Love Gets Lovelier Every Day by Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick

Love Gets Lovelier Every Day

***Through 12 years, three record labels, over a dozen band members, one epilepsy diagnosis, and one filthy dress. E.D. SEDGWICK has seen it all. It wasn't pretty. "'Love Gets Lovelier Every Day' is the 'Smile' of Washington, D.C. drag-punk rock," says Sedgwick, aka JUSTIN MOYER, the EL GUAPO/SUPERSYSTEM bassist who started performing under his nom de plume in 1999. "Everything conspired against this record. A collapsing record industry. Bandmates moving out of town. A couple of grand-mal seizures. Getting evicted from my studio, which was torn down by the city to build—wait for it—another studio. My decision to stop performing in a dress. The discovery of a 13th astrological sign, which means I'm no longer a Pisces, but an Aries (a fucking Aries!). The only thing 'Love Gets Lovelier Every Day' has going for it is really good songs, and a really good band to play them." Recorded in 2009 but caught up in record label, personnel, and personal drama until now, "LGLED" is a poignant memoir of a bad season—and, with a long slate of featured performers, a departure for an reformed electroclash artist who used to make records alone in his bedroom. Dance-y ragers like "Everybody Wants Some" (featuring CHAD MOLTER and MARK CISNEROS of MEDICATIONS on, respectively, bass and sax) appear alongside "He Composed Lines That Frighten Stanzas," a Pixies-ish rocker co-written by ex-Supersystem guitarist RAFAEL COHEN. And there is the titular, 12-plus minute pseudo-psychedelic medley equally inspired by John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" and the B-side...

7" $7.75

08/23/2011 643859169070 

DIS 169 V 

Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer by Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick

Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer

***When JUSTIN MOYER was stricken by his first epileptic seizure at age 25 in 2001, whispers of concern rippled through Washington, DC's close-knit punk community. Was the founding member of third-generation Dischord stalwarts EL GUAPO and ANTELOPE to be sidelined by a long-dormant neurological malady? "Justin's seizures spawned erratic behavior," says IAN MACKAYE, Dischord Record's co-founder. "His bands broke up. He started wearing cocktail dresses. He wrote an autobiography of Meryl Streep and tried to stage readings at Fugazi shows. And EDIE SEDGWICK was born." "Edie Sedgwick"—the nom de plume Moyer swiped from a forgotten Andy Warhol Superstar—became a vehicle for new songs, writing, and video art about mainstream celebrity culture. Featuring by members of THE DUSTERS, SOCCER TEAM, THE EVENS, AQUARIUM and MEDICATIONS, Things are Getting Sinister and Sinisterer features ten songs produced by MacKaye. Includes a bonus MP3 download.

LP $17.75

11/10/2008 643859161012