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You’re Not Gonna Get It - 1978-81 by Epicycle


You’re Not Gonna Get It - 1978-81

***Like a snotty bottle rocket shot out of The Damned’s dressing room and straight into the gut of Cheap Trick, suburban Chicago's sorely under appreciated teen punk pioneers, EPICYCLE, were left out by most modern historical accounts of Midwest underground music of the time, which is such a shame. We here at HoZac first contacted the band about 10 years ago when researching our Trunk City Punk: Chicago Underground 1976-81 feature article for Horizontal Action Magazine, so it was only natural as we evoled into a record label that we needed to rescue these tracks from the cracks of history. With this compilation LP, we present to you the original punch this band was trying to deliver with their three incredible singles, and tracks from their sole LP, along with some pre-razored demos from their earliest sessions, when they were angry, young, and unstoppable.  Although the band were ambitious enough to do everything themselves (back when that didn't need an annoying acronym), they went above and beyond and even started their own record label, Circkle, and released three singles, an LP, and a handful of singles for other bands, all within a span of a few years, yet it just wasn't enough, despite some key local supporters in the rock'n roll underground. One of their earliest and most enthusiastic champions was none other than Subterranean Pop fanzine editor, and future Sub Pop Records co-founder, Bruce Pavitt, before he left the Midwest for Evergreen University. It was clear that Pavitt...

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